Friday, April 6, 2012

Eliza's 8th Birthday

The morning of her birthday we let her open all her presents from us! Her birthday is kind of tricky because it is on Halloween. I think it kind of gets a little overshadowed. But I think she likes it that we get to drag it out over several days. Which this year....we definitely did.

 We decided to do her birthday party 2 days after Halloween. This was fun because the hype of Halloween kind of died down and the girls were excited for something girlie. When I asked Eliza what she wanted to do for her Party she said "A Squinkie Party"! Whaaat? There is no such thing. There was nothing online, no party supplies anywhere or ideas to steal. Trust me! I searched and searched! How can I make this fun and have it be a "squinkie" party? It was a little tricky but I think we pulled it off. We made some cute invitations and invited 8 friends. We then went with the miniature theme. Get it? Squinkies are teeny tiny, so all the food had to be a smaller version. Which was perfect for 8 year old girls. They loved it! 
"Mini Tacos"
"Mini blueberry muffins" and "Mini Watermelon" made from hollowed out limes and red jello! These were a big hit!

"Mini Pizzas"
Popcorn chicken = "Mini Chicken Nuggets"
Julienne carrots and persian cucumbers = smaller!
We also had mini peanut butter cups and mini m&m's. 

We had a squinkie scavenger hunt, made fabric beaded neckalaces, ate our fun lunch opened presents and had cake and icecream. Over all a success! Eliza was happy and that is all that mattered! 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Halloween 2011

I've decided....better late then never!

This was at Eliza's school carnival. We made a pirate scarecrow for her classroom to auction off. It was a fun project we whipped together that ended up turning out pretty cute! She was happy and that is all that mattered.

The McDaniels hosted our yearly neighborhood spook alley. It was once again a huge success!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lily's 2nd birthday!

Back in October Lily turned 2. We decided to celebrate with close friends and family with a dinner and cupcakes. Lily seemed pretty excited and knew that it was her day and the attention was for her. She got pretty spoiled with all the gifts from loved ones! 

 Ava and Kennedy, Lily's 2 best friends. Whether she wants them to be or not. I am best friends with both of their moms so we end up doing quite a bit together. It makes it nice that they get along so well!
At 2 Lily is still just as sweet as can be. She talks so much and in full sentences. Some of it we can understand and some of it we cant! Either way its pretty cute. We are always loving the funny things she comes up with. She is playing more with dolls and her kitchen. She also loves, Little people, blocks and books! She is quite the little singer and loves to sing primary songs. Her favorite, "I am a child of God".