Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trunk or Treat

On saturday night we had our ward Halloween party. Now that I am on the Activities committee it was another big night for us. Matt is on the committee as well and spent the whole night making about 2,000 scones. It turned out really well and went pretty smooth for having to serve about 600 people. I am not even lying! Our ward is huge and has so many kids! I was just released from being on the primary presidency and we had about 200 kids. Sundays were crazy! Eliza and Porter had a good time and ate way too much candy that night! Eliza is such a sweet little princess (uhhhh...most of the time) and Porter loves to growl like a bear or a tiger, so we thought their costumes were perfect!

So much fun!

Our friends from our ward threw a really fun Halloween party on friday. A whole bunch of our friends went and we had a blast! It was fun to have something to do other then the usual dinner and a movie! Matt and I went as Sonnie and Cher. The invitation said to go as a music couple from the past. We had people come up with some really fun costumes. Like Britney and kevin federline, (Couple who gave the party!) Axel rose and Slash, Cindy Lauper, Madonna and more! We had a catered dinner, saw comedy sports and then did Karaoke afterward! We sent the guys home and then the girls went downtown for a late night out! After walking around in the cold, being hit on by drunks, getting a parking ticket, and being kicked out of a lounge for not having I.D.'s , we finally found a place to have yummy Pizookies! We didnt get home until 2:00 am and I had to be up for work the next morning at 4:00 am. Two hours of sleep was clearly not enough because I got so sick the next day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dog Advice

Eliza really really really wants a dog. Everyday for the past month since we visited the hammonds in Arizona she has asked if she can get a dog when she turns four. Then it turned into her thinking she is getting a dog and how it will be wrapped when she wakes up the day of her birthday. She has already picked out the name and tells everyone that a black dog named gumbo is what she wants for her birthday. So, do I break it to her that she isn't getting a dog and if so, how do I do it? Or, do I break down and get a dog because secretly I would love to have a cute little dog as well? I think I already know the answer to the question but somewhere in the back of my mind I want to make it work.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brittany and Lindsay this is for you!

So.....I know, don't fall off of your chairs that I finally am getting this done, but after blog stalking for an hour I decided I probably should just go ahead and start my own! Brittany has reassured me over and over that it is simple and doesn't require much time, so I figure I will give it a whirl. A few thoughts about creating a blog though that I want to get out on the table. 1. Dont get frustrated if I dont update my blog all the time. I dont want this to have to be a big time consuming thing. 2. I have seen alot of really cute blogs out there so I dont want to feel the pressure of it being really cute! So, dont expect much. 3. There will not be very many pictures of myself since my husband doesn't take any of me. I worry that when I die there won't be enough pictures of me to put on display at my funeral. Thats all! I hope you enjoy as I try and figure this out and have some sort of self expression on what is going on in our lives!