Friday, January 18, 2008


Christmas morning was so much fun for our kids! Although we were worried about the rough start eliza had. She woke up around 6:00 am complaining of a tummy ache and didnt feel good. We passed it off and hoped she would go back to sleep. Then a few minutes later she woke up throwing up. She didnt want to go down stairs with the rest of the kids and told us she would just open her presents later. That made me so sad that she would miss all the excitement. So matt carried her downstairs and she quickly recovered and didnt complain the rest of the day. Porter decided he would rather sleep then open presents. He didnt wake up until 9:00 and everyone was already finished! He still had a good time and just wanted to play with everyone elses toys instead of opening his own! He didnt quite get the whole process. After the kids opened all of their presents the adults went into the other room and took turns opening our presents. My sister christy had my name and totally spoiled me! She got me the new nicholas sparks book "the choice" which it is so good if anyone wants a fun read! And also the Jessica Seinfeld book "deceptively delicious". I am so excited to try recipes from it. Everyone I have talked to about it says the recipes are actually really good! She also gave me this cute bundt cake pan that has 6 individual bundt cakes in one! I was pretty stoked. Matt got me 2 cute coats that I love, black boots, an I-pod and lots more! I felt really spoiled this year and especially thankful that I could be with my family in california!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Christmas Eve pictures!


These are the pictures of making our Hot chocolate (with Ollies help) and reading our memories. Refer to the previous blog entry for more details Then the last couple pictures are of what santa brought and my mom made all the grandkids christmas pillowcases. They were really cute and I think they will all be excited to use them next year!
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Christmas Eve

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A tradition in our family is we go Christmas Caroling to the neighbors and bring goodies to share! We had quite the group this year. Since all of my brothers and sisters (8 total), spouses and kids were in town we had a big group. It was so much fun and sounded pretty good with all the different parts. My mom sometimes would start a song we didnt all know but it made for some good laughs! It was such a nice night to be able to go outside and not have to bundle up in mittens and snow suits!Then when we get home we have hot chocolate and share our "Schultz Heritage" memories. This is a fun tradition we started a few years ago that everyone writes a memory whether recent or old and then we all read them that night. It has started to become who can tell the funniest or craziest memory or write it the best! A new tradition my sister Nanette started was a Nativity with all the kids. She got the best costumes and gave all the kids their parts! Isnt Eliza just the sweetest little mary! Looks are decieving...the whole time she just kept saying "oh brother"!

two cute girls!

We were so excited to be able to spend so much time with my brother Sam and his little girl Ainsley during christmas. She is the cutest, sweetest thing and her and Eliza played so well together. My Mom bought all the neices these cute dresses for christmas and so of course when Ainsley put hers on Eliza wanted to be twins. I had gotten her a cute christmas dress that matched Porter, but oh well, she won that battle and we got cute pictures because of it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Progressive Dinner

A few of our neighbors got together for a family night progressive dinner. It was planned last minute but we had a great time! We started at our house for hors d vours which was alot of fun and then went to my cute friend Lindsays house for dinner. We ended the night at our neighbors across the street for dessert which we let the kids decorate yummy sugar cookies!

Catch up

So its been awhile since I have last posted so I feel like there is alot of catching up to do. I am going to make a few updates today so that I can feel caught up somewhat. We had a wonderful December with a busy schedule but so happy we could do it all! Matt and I had a debate on whether or not we should get a real or fake tree. Of course he won the battle and I gave in. After getting it in the house I was glad because we had so much fun with the kids picking it out and decorating it.