Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Cruisin

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We had 2 ports back to back after two days at sea. The first day was at St. Maarten where we rented a car, got alittle lost, got a flat tire, fixed it with a piece of gum (not kidding), and then finally found an awesome beach that we stayed the whole day on! The girls rented lounge chairs with umbrellas and the boys took a wave runner out to a snorkel spot.

The next day we went to St. Thomas which we loved! Matt and I have been there before and just loved it! The island is so small and quaint with the most beautiful beaches. Nate and Brittany spent the day golfing so we spent the day with the granthams shopping, beach hopping, trying a "local" restaurant where we learned what Jerk chicken was and more snorkeling.

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The last couple of days were spent at sea and then one more port day at the Princes Cays a private island in the bahamas. The weather was perfect and Dave, Matt and I went Scuba Diving. It was incredible and the visibility was amazing. We saw seriously neon fish and coral, a sea turtle, a huge crab and a sting ray.

One of the nights after dinner Nate was hypnotized and it was hilarious. I have never seen it before and he was doing some crazy things! Afterwards he didnt remember a thing but soon became a celebrity on the boat! Then next night Dave got picked on to do a stunt on stage that was pretty funny too! What good sports!

We had the best time and wished we could have stayed even longer. You can see in some of the pictures our bellies started to grow from all the yummy food we ate! Now its back to reality!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cruisin the Caribbean

Let the Journey Begin!


This was the first few days of our trip. We had the best time. We went with our friends Dave and Lindsay Grantham (our friends from Boise!) and also Nate and Brittany Hammond (our friends from Dental School!). Matt and I left friday afternoon because we were flying standby and didnt want to risk not getting there. We only had to take a minor detour to Boston, spend the night then onto FT. Lauderdale. It was fun just being the two of us and a great way to get a jump start on our trip! Matts parents kept our kids and we were so thankful. They are so awesome for all they do for them and my kids just love it!

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The "At Sea" days were awesome. We just relaxed, layed by the pool, slept in and ate so much food!!! We loved dinner time that it took almost 2 hours each night and we had the best waiter!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Easter Pictures

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Crazy Day!!

So I have been meaning to post about this for several days, but of course, life got in the way and I never did! But it is worth it to still tell!
****WARNING TO ALL MEN***** I talk about a certain time of the month so you might not want to read this post! Its going to be a long entry because I am really bitter about the day!

This is how the morning went...
7:00 Being woken up by matt telling me that our freezer had thawed over night and water was everywhere and food was going bad! I was grumpy that I had been woken up and even more grumpy realizing matt had to leave for work and was leaving me with the mess to clean up.
7:03 while standing staring at the mess for several minutes not wanting to clean it out I soon realize that I must have started my period that night and had a huge mess of my own to clean up! (sorry, but it must be mentioned to get full effect of the day!)
7:04 walk to the back closet to soon realize no tampons!
7:05 Remembered the night before when going to get money for babysitter that I could not find my wallet anywhere thinking I must have left it at the dollar store-the last place I shopped. So I wouldnt be able buy more tampons on the way to the gym until I found my wallet.
7:06 took sheets off bed and put in washer!
7:08 crawled back into bed still not wanting to clean up freezer mess and hoping I can sleep this already awful 8 minute day away!
7:10 Hear Porter crying...doesnt ever wake up before 7:30.....WHAT??
7:15 get porter out of bed and fixed a bowl of cereal for him while I clean up freezer.
7:30 Finish throwing almost everything out and mopped up water from melted ice to soon realize our wood floor has started to buckle and will probably need to replace in order to sell.
7:31 look over to see porter dumped his cereal bowl onto kitchen table where it has run down to the chair and onto the floor while he dances on top of it splashing it everywhere.
7:45 Eliza wakes up grumpy
8:00 Call Dollar store - no trace of wallet!
8:02 Tear my house apart looking for wallet. Retracing steps and only remember last having it at the dollar store.
8:30 After a half hour of looking with still nothing I put kids in Bathtub. In the meantime I call 4 other stores hoping maybe I dropped it in the parking lot and someone turned it in. I never carry cash but happened to have $100 in it that day. None of the stores had it.
8:45 Get kids out of bath so I can hurry out the door to look in parking lot of the dollar store. As I was getting Eliza out she started crying that her ear hurt from an ear infection she had. So I carried both kids to the couch wrapped in there towels while went to the kitchen to get Eliza some medicine.
8:50 Hear Eliza say, "Oh No Mom come and look what porter did!" I walk around the counter to step in poo! I soon noticed the trail of poo from the couch to where porter was standing. YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!
8:51 wipe porters bum, put on diaper, clean up poo. The worst part was, was that it wasnt just a hard, easy poo to clean up. It was soft and somewhat runny with chunks in it that I had to scrape out! Let me remind you once again that we are trying to sell our house!
9:00 call my friend lindsay to cry and complain.
9:15 re-search house and car for Wallet.
10:30 Go to Lindsay's house to borrow a tamponon the way to the gym. I ask if I can look in her car to see if I happen to leave it in there. She had been at the dollar store with me that day! No sign of it inside! UGH! I walk around the back of her car to see if I might have put it in the back while she was putting bags back there....This is what I see......

Yes, I had set it on her bumper to put porter in the car. Why? I have no idea. Maybe to teach me a lesson. But the crazy thing is, is she drove probably 5 miles home with it that way! I couldnt believe it. I ran into her house and started to cry. It was so needed after the morning I had had. After the shock wore off I was pretty excited to have found it and not have to worry about it any longer. This is how happy I was....




That was pretty much the end of a crapy morning. My sister heather flew in on Sunday so I had that to look forward to. We have had an awesome fun week of shopping, laughing, eating and doing hair! I keep teasing her that I flew in my personal stylist! She is the best and I am so happy she is here! We leave tomorrow for our cruise and I am so pumped. So, sorry no posts for a few weeks! Yes, a few weeks! We will be gone for 9 days!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things I love about my husband!

It was pointed out to me that I don't talk about Matt much in my blogging. I also realized he isn't even under the "things that fill up my time" section, which we all know he should be! So I wanted to post a few, MAJOR reasons why I love this guy!

He is so care free and patient! He puts up with my bold personality and makes me want to be a better person.

He has a great sense of humor. He comes up with the funniest things so quick and makes me laugh all the time!

He likes cool music and is constantly showing me new artists he thinks I would like. I also love that he likes to go to concerts and do fun things. This picture was taken of us at the Joshua Radin concert! (Will post more of that later!)

You probably will never hear him do it, but I love that he can play the guitar. He is really good and has a really good voice. He's just a little too shy when it comes to playing. The kids love it too and think its so fun when he does!

He is such a great dad! The kids wait by the front window until he gets home then they run out to the car! He is good at remembering to get down on the floor and spend "quality" time with them!

I love how hard he works for our family everyday! He gets up so early and has a half hour commute! I am so proud of him for all the schooling he has completed and for wanting to do even more!
We are going on a cruise in less then 2 weeks and I am so excited to just spend this quality time with him! I love it that Matt likes to travel and is fun to be around! I am definitely one lucky girl!