Monday, July 21, 2008

Missing our Boise Friends!

Our neighbor friends...

Tonight Eliza told me "Mom, I am ready to go back to Boise. When dad gets done with school can we go back." I didnt have the heart to tell her how long two years really is! Besides missing our friends terribly we're doing pretty well here so far ! We are loving the california weather, fun things to do and family and friends to do them with. Matt is having to commute about 45 minutes to and from school but doesn't mind it too much because he usually isn't in traffic. So far he is liking school and learning some really cool things! I started working again for Delta last week at the Orange County airport. I really really like the job but I really really dont like the hours. I have to leave at 5:00 am and I dont get home until 1:30 pm. It has been draining on me and it has only been 1 week. So we will see how long I can hack it! Eliza and porter went to a bible school last week for a few hours each day at a community church up the street. It was just to give my mom a little break since she offered to tend the kids for me while I'm at work. They loved it and porter didnt even cry when she dropped him off! They came back singing some awesome christian worship songs that I now have stuck in my head.
I am sad that I am not able to give better updates on this blog. We have done so many fun things and I would love to share them! I will just try and give what I can!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sorry I have been a little lost!

So...Life has been just a little crazy for me lately. I have been meaning to post about many things and many of you have asked for updates on what the random picture is of below. Here are a few of my excuses for not posting:
1. The only computer we have right now is matts lap top and he needs it daily for school.
2. I live with my parents right now and life is scattered. We have some things in our rooms, some things in the garage, and some things in storage. So unless we have unpacked it, we pretty much dont know where things are.
3. Matts family was in town for a week so we did alot of playing with them!
4. I randomly decided to fly to Tuscon to visit my sister who just had a baby! (He is adorable!)
If you dont want to wait for my update about the 80's prom night picture then go to the mcdaniel blog or the grantham family blog, go down just a few posts and it will give all the info.
Its not that I dont want to post more about it, life just is too crazy for me right now. I would also like to apologize for not being very good at calling people back. My excuses are the same as above

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"It's so hard to say goodbye..."

These girls were my life line! I am so sad to have to leave them behind. They have done so much for me, especially over this past month! Thanks girls for a terrific night and a terrific past couple of years!

I know we haven’t been friends for the whole 2 years but it feels like it has been a lifetime! I seriously love you and feel like we have grown so close through what life has recently given both of us! Thanks for being such a great listening ear even at times when I know you needed me more! Thanks for all the advice and understanding. You are a great friend to chat with even when there is icecream melting in the car and somehow still not being able to break away from a great conversation of nothing. I will forever remember the MANY Fast Eddies Coke runs and learning of the refill card, not caving in to “Diet” soda, late night laughing sessions, Jokes others don’t seem to find as funny as we do, taking it just a little too far sometimes but still laughing, our love of great food and not being afraid to eat it!, food babies, the time I was so stressed to get everything done and you offered to go to Kinkos at midnight, veggie tales man at walmart, love of leslie hall, and I am sure so many more that I will always think about and miss. I admire your bold personality and opinions and have learned from you to not always take the mainstream way of what everyone else thinks or does! Thanks for loving me for who I am and what I choose to say, often times even calling me out on things others didn’t even get. I love your spice and spunk for life and will miss you terribly!

Lindsay G
I still remember the first time being on the elliptical with you at the “Y” and talking about our new found friendship that both of us so needed. I appreciated your friendship probably more then you’ll ever know. It was nice to find someone who was struggling with having a new baby in a new place without family. You taught me how to come out of my shell and make new friends. You encouraged my love for excersize and to get a gym pass while listening to my advice by getting child watch! You have been there for me in so many ways and I appreciate you always taking my kids and being my go to girl when I really had no other choice. You never made me feel like it was a burden and have a great way of “Candy Coating” even when I am sure my kids weren’t angels! Thanks for all of your cute little cards of encouragement and thank yous, you really know when someone needs a pick me up! Thank you for listening to me when I just needed to talk and vent and not judging me with what I had to say. I loved all the girl getaways…shopping, movies, pedicures, tcby, tanning, and lunch group. You have such a way of making someone feel special by not being inhibited with giving compliments. You always look for the positive in situations and helped me to realize life really isn’t too bad! I am sad to leave this friendship behind because I know life just won’t be the same without you.

Since you lived on the “other side of the tracks” I am sad we didn’t do even more together. I loved your sense of style and I remember when we first moved in thinking you were the most stylish pregnant woman I had ever seen. I admire you opening your own store and juggling that with being a great mom! What an incredible person it takes to have a dream and a love and putting it into play! Thanks for making Bunco nights so fun and crazy! You have such a fun and great personality it was so easy to become fast friends with you! Our 80’s prom night was so the best and I appreciate you going all out to make it so fun! I loved your comment that you weren’t just going to dress up for somebody you weren’t ever going to see again….so hopefully I can make that happen and we can grow even closer.

When I think of you I know I will always remember your contagious giggle! With you around parties are always so much more fun and it is known when you are not there. I have learned so much from you and your passions in life! I have learned that there are so many good restaurants in Boise and to not be afraid to try something new. I love a girl that always wants to order dessert no matter how full you are after dinner. (chocolate soufflĂ© baby!) I admire your fun personality of always wanting to stay out a little later or do something a little crazier! I love your meatballs, chocolate bundt cake, carrot cake and so much more! I love your tender spirit and never saying an unkind thing about anyone! You taught me how to organize my life and make a “mommy binder”. You taught me that you can eat whatever you want and still look awesome as long as you swim 2 miles a day. Too bad I can only swim 2 laps without giving up! Jen, I think the world of you! Thanks for your help with the move and many fun memories! I’m gonna surely miss ya!

When I first met you in the mothers lounge our second Sunday at church you were my first relief to a life I thought was doomed! I remember vividly when we realized we would be direct neighbors and that we had kids 2 days apart and babies just 2 months apart. Life seemed a little sweeter and I knew I would be alright in this new city I didn’t think I wanted to be in! I appreciate your easy going personality and willingness to help whenever I needed it. It was so nice to have great neighbors we could borrow groceries from and hang out with. I loved our kids friendships and them finally being old enough to run back and forth to play! Thank you for inviting me into the babysitting co-op that forever changed my life! Thanks for the fun game nights and dinners at your house. Thanks for teaching me to let things go and not stress about life. You always seem to just go with the flow and and I love that about you. You are so awesome and I am going to miss this great friendship we have established.

Lindsie McD
My new found BFF! Girl, you rock my world. I can’t believe I didn’t find this love from the beginning. It was a nourished friendship that bloomed into something amazing. Seriously, who thinks of an 80’s prom night with all the happenings. You make me feel so special and loved. “You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration!” Anyone that can inspire me to run a 10k deserves a medal herself. Your dedication and determination in everything you do inspires me. I appreciate and enjoy your humor and craziness! I am so happy you decided to come out of your shell because it has made for a many fun nights! Thanks for being in charge of the “party planning committee” and getting us all together for Sunday dinners and fun! I have enjoyed the recent card nights and sequence challenges! Too bad we are still the reigning champs by half a game! Thanks for sharing Lola with us and for being so patient with the many demands and requests. I admire your intuition for others needs and being willing to be there for many. You have always been so thoughtful and considerate and I love you for it. Thanks for staying till the bitter end of our move and helping me not slip into serious depression over it. We’ll work on our Rock Band skills so we can rock it at the reunion tour! Thank you for just being real and giving me all you got! I love that I never have to second guess our friendship or who you are! I wish at times I could be alittle more like you! I am truly going to miss you and I appreciate your great fight to try and get me back. You drive a hard bargain! I think when we said our goodbyes you said the greatest line that really sums up how I feel. “You better come back and visit…It would just be silly not too!” I love you and will see you soon! I WILL run a ½ marathon with you some day!

Porter Turns 2

So I am a little behind on this one but last sunday was Porters 2nd birthday! Because of all the craziness with our move we just did a low key, cake and icecream birthday party with friends. It turned out really fun and we were glad we could celebrate it with everyone!