Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Arizona Trip....I Know I'm Crazy!

So since our last trip was so short and I didn't have time to visit my really good friend Brittany and my sister Christy (who both live in other cities in arizona) I decided to drive over with the kids for another great trip. It was Brittany's birthday on Sunday and she asked me to come out for it again this year. So I spent a few days with her and her cute family and then drove 3 hours south to Sierra Vista to visit my sister who's husband is out of town for a month for his work. We had a ton of fun at both places. I love both these girls so much and wish we lived closer!


(Brody and Porter inhaling the cupcakes!)

(The two love birds who were hoping will get married someday!)

Since Brittany's birthday was on a sunday we were pretty limited on our festivities. Although we had a ton of fun Saturday thanks to her awesome husband Nate for taking the kids for us. All 4 of them AND Eliza had been sick throwing up but told us to go anyway! Am I a bad mom for leaving her? She was such trooper and luckily it only lasted 24 hours. We were able to go get pedicures, lunch, and do a little shopping. I love Brittany so much. I feel like we will always be close friends even though we live far! Then on her actual birthday we went to church, and aftewards I made her go upstairs for some R & R while the rest of us decorated the house, made cupcakes and gave her a little space.

Then on Monday night for Family Home Evening Nate lit a fire in their fire pit and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. The kids had so much fun and it was a fun change to the normal dinner at the table.
We left the next morning and drove to Christy's house. I was so surprised at how well the kids did in the car both trips.


It was so nice to finally get here. Christy's house is always so amazing because I seriously hardly see my kids the entire time. She has two great twin girls that entertain my kids to no end. They come up with the best ideas to play with them from dress ups, to building a cardboard box playhouse outside, painting, making chocolate suckers, completely make pancakes on their own while being patient with porter wanting to help, etc, etc, etc...It is so nice that they are so helpful and that my kids seriously adore them! Especially Eliza! She asks me all the time when she will be the same age as Xoe and Xanthe! I hate having to break the news to her that they will always be older then her. I dread the day that they get "too old" to play with the little kids.

One of the nights the twins and christy had to go to girls scouts. Eliza, Porter and I had the idea to decorate the house and throw Xoe and Xanthe a surprise party. I had brought over all the gifts from the family and made it a fun night. We made a cake and hung streamers, balloons, noise makers, the whole shabang. Since they will be in New York on their birthday and won't be able to have a party, we thought this was a fun way to celebrate!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

For those Inquiring Minds...

I have had a few questions asked of me that I thought I would clear the air for those that are wondering. And yes, I have been asked these MULTIPLE times.

1. NO, I did not highlight Porters hair. It may look like it, but seriously, how shallow do people think I am that I would highlight my 2 1/2 year old sons hair. I'm a little worried of what people think of me and what I would be willing to do.

2. YES, I have gained weight...but NO, I am not pregnant. Seriously people, do you not know that you dont ask unless the person looks at least 6 months along. Or maybe that means I look 6 months pregnant. I know it is now "time" for me to have another, but NO! I am not pregnant.

3. I have been asked several times if we miss being in Boise, or if our house has sold. Yes we miss Boise terribly (how could we not, look at the pictures below and what we could be living in) and No our house has not sold. We are happy that we now have renters which helps!

(Oh, how I miss cooking in that kitchen with my own dishes!)

(How could you not miss soaking in a tub like that?)

4. Yes we are still living with my parents and we have no idea when we will leave. Originally the plan was to stay a month or two until something happened with our house, but referring to number 3 it doesnt look like we are going anywhere any time soon. We have made some good friends in the ward and have loved living close to family. It gets frustrating at times but it definitely has its perks...
Here are a few of them...
(Heather and Harrison, the worlds best built in babysitters and friends to play with 24/7. Its so nice to not have to wake up Porter from his nap to pick up Eliza, go to a late night movie when kids are asleep, date nights when they offer because they are "just going to be at home anyway", fashion experts that help keep me young and in style, and the list could go on.)

(Sisters...When you have this many its sad to not be by them. I love each of them so much and it has been great building even better friendships with them. Ruth and christy arent in this picture but I love them too!)

(Who wouldn't love and appreciate an industrial ice machine. Never a need to buy bagged ice. you can just fill up your cooller and still have plenty!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trip to Arizona

The day after Christmas we took a quick trip over to Arizona to visit Matt's Brother Dave and his family. Matt's parents were also there so it was fun to see them too! We did alot of fun things in just the few days we were there. We felt very lucky to spend time with them because they always make it so fun! We didn't take very many great pictures but here are a few that reflect some of the things we did.

Dave and Wendy have a really fun house with lots of fun toys. My kids were so happy and played so well the whole time. Eliza has a cousin her same age named ashley. They played house, dolls, pet shop, my little ponies, dress ups and so much more. They are a cute pair whenever they get together.

The first day we got there was Josh's birthday. He chose to go to a Fun center called Amazing Jakes. It was so much fun for the whole family. They had an All you can eat buffet that had good food, mini golf, arcade, rides, and a rock wall. Matt and I had a fun time trying to make it to the top and also playing with the kids.

For Eliza's birthday Wendy had sent her this dress and got Ashley a matching one. They also had neckalaces and headbands too! They looked adorable!

Luckily this year we had Dave and Wendy's family for the gift exchange and they had us. It made it nice to be able to exchange gifts and be together. We felt very spoiled once again by ALL that they gave us. Wendy is a really thoughtful gift giver! Not only for christmas but for birthdays too! While we were there we also went shopping, ate at Joes BBQ, Saw the Temple lights and was able to be there while Josh received the priesthood. We had a great trip even though it was short, and were so happy we decided to go.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Morning

This year was so fun since both kids understood and were really excited! Porter was so happy with his drum set (the rest of us not so happy!). I dont know what I was thinking? But I figured I had better embrace it then have him keep breaking wooden spoons and other things around the house. And yes, when he opened his "Cougar" hat he started chanting the Byu fight song! We all laughed so hard!!

Matt's parents gave Matt and I cruisers for christmas. We are REALLY stoked about them. We have had fun taking the kids on bike rides and getting the much needed excersize! It was a nice, relaxing christmas. The kids played with their new toys all day and the adults traded going to the movies. Girls then Guys. I can't believe the christmas season has already come and gone. I am a little sad and also a little relieved. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal life!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve

We always have so much fun on christmas eve. My mom goes the extra mile to make it so fun and special. We have a nice dinner, go caroling,come home to hot chocolate by the fire and then let the kids open their present from grandma and grandpa and also the present they exchanged as cousins. It was a fun night and my kids were pretty excited. Porter got a Plex car from Grandma and Grandpa and was in heaven! From her cousin Piper Eliza got the Enchanted movie, with the Enchanted doll and dress up! All the grandkids also get pajamas from Grandma. This year they were all matching and so cute we had to get a picture!