Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad News = Awesome week!

So for the past several weeks we have been planning to go to Idaho Falls to visit Matt't family and some of our friends. It has been a long time since we have been there and we were really looking forward to the getaway. Before I quit Delta I saved 11 buddy passes and ticketed them in our names. They had a year expiration date on them and didn't expire until August. So we thought.....! We packed our bags, (which is not an easy thing), planned a fun week, woke up Monday morning at 5:00 am and drove to the airport. After waiting in line for almost an hour, being passed to 3 different agents, we were finally told that the policy changed and once you quit or are terminated your buddy passes are no longer valid. Lets just say we were all extremely dissapointed. I was crying, my kids were crying and Matt was pissed off! The only good news is that we will get fully refunded of the money we spent we weren't counting on having. We talked about buying tickets and going anyway but it would just be way to expensive last minute. So we drove across the street and had an outrageously over priced breakfast and contimplated what to do!
We decided we were just going to make it a fun filled week doing something different everyday! So we did! We had such a great week just being together with our little family. We were so sad to not spend time with Matts family and friends but we made the best of the situation! Here is the daily breakdown of what we did.

Day 1 Disneyland

Matt doesnt always get to enjoy Disneyland with us when we go because he is ALWAYS at school. And when he does have a break, so does the rest of the world. So after coming home from the airport and letting the kids take much needed naps we went to disneyland! Since we went later in the day we stayed until it closed and were able to see the firework show. It was a really crowded day since it was everyone else's spring break but we still were able to go on alot of rides and have a fun time!

Day 2 The Beach

We took our bikes down to Newport Beach and went biking on the boardwalk. We passed by a little playground that the kids wanted to stop at. It was fun being on a playground that close to the water. After we put our bikes away and sat on the beach. I read my book with a big towel wrapped around me while and my sweater on while the kids changed into their swimming suits and actually got in the water! They are crazy! They had a good time digging in the sand, finding shells and sand crabs.

Day 3 San Diego

We decided today we would drive down to San Diego and spend the time at our hotel swimming and relaxing make it feel more like a family vacation. The kids thought it was the best! They had so much fun packing and unpacking their own little suitcases. We got there early enough that it was still sunny outside so we could go swimming and lay by the pool. We went out to dinner that night, got ice cream and watched Home Alone in our pajamas. It was a great day!

Day 4 Sea World

We decided to splurge and do something out of the norm. Luckily when you buy a day pass at Sea World you get to come the rest of the year. So if we can find the time to make it back it willl make it worth it! My kids loved it! Especially the Shamu show. Porter is convinced his name is Shampoo and gets so mad when you try and correct him.

Day 5 Swimming

The kids and I went swimming at my best friend all growing up Kim's parents house. She was in town and we decided to let Matt have some free time to do things he needed to catch up on. We had such a good time seeing friends and getting in the pool again. I realized with the upcoming summer weather and pool season it has brought back alot of painful reminders of last summer. I thought I was doing so well but for some reason it seems to be on my mind more lately. Hopefully the more we go swimming will help me to overcome some of the anxiety.

Later that night Eliza and I went on a "mommy/daughter" date. It was so fun. We went to souplantation for dinner and then went and saw my little brother Harrisons High School Musical called "All Shook Up!" It was so fun and such a good show. I was worried if Eliza would last and she loved the whole thing! She said to me..."Mom its like were watching a movie but with real people." It made it so much more enjoyable seeing it through the eyes of a 5 year old. Everytime someone would kiss she would say "oh gosh!" and everyone would laugh because she was not quiet about it. We dressed up and made it a really fun evening together. I was so proud of my brother. He had a big part with alot of hard solos. He did awesome!!

Day 6 Moms day off

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to my Sister Nanette's mother in laws house for an awesome cooking class by Chef Brad. Anyone heard of him? He is amazing! Truly amazing. My mom and Sister in law Ruth have been telling me about him for months and about his concepts but I knew I had to attend his class to catch the fever. It was so nice to go and enjoy some girl time and learn healthier habits in my cooking. I had heard so many times that it would be life changing and I think it truly has been. He was motivating without being overwhelming. He helped us understand that cooking healthier seems harder now but will pay off in the long run and I really believe that. He is big on staying away from processed foods and white flour and has come up with awesome substitutes using different grains. He actually stays away from wheat and taught us all about the other grains that are complete protiens and how to cook with them. I know I can't completely change everything we eat and eliminate these things but I can definitely do better about healthier options for my family. Check out his website. He is inspiring!

After his class I went to my friend Sharla's baby shower. She is married to our good friend/more like a brother Mossie. He lived with us during highschool and has always stayed close. Now they live just a few miles away and come over all the time for family dinners and events. She is having her first baby boy and we are so excited for them! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but it was a fun time and nice to just have day without kids! Matt took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens and my kids haven't stopped talking about it since.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La Habra Children's Museum

A few saturdays ago was free day at the La Habra Children's Museum. The kids had such a good time. There was so much to do there that kept them entertained for hours!