Monday, April 27, 2009

More Easter Festivities

The Saturday before Easter our city had an Easter egg hunt at a local park. It was huge! So many people were there but it was still so much fun. I was laughing so hard watching Eliza charge it and get so many big items and candy even thought there were so many kids. She was also so sweet and collected things for Porter.

After church on Easter sunday we all went over to Ruth and Scott's house for a big Easter egg hunt. There were seriously so many eggs the kids were able to fill their buckets and have such great time. They were pretty excited and it was fun to be with most all of their cousins.

When the Hunt was over we all went back to Mom and Dad's house and had a yummy dinner. Everyone took part in bringing something which I think made the dinner even better! It was seriously so good! We had a big crowd to feed which also made it fun! I think we had 26 people so the tables extended into the living room! I couldn't believe how nice and smooth the whole day went.

My sister Nanette brought Easter cookies for the kids to decorate after dinner. They loved it and had a messy time!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Sunday Best

I realized that trying to take pictures after church is never a good thing. All that the kids want to do is go inside and change. Porter was being really silly so it was hard to get a good picture of him alone!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Heather Megan Schultz!

Yes, It is this amazing girls birthday today and I NEEDED to do a post for her too! She is on my top 10 list because she is so awesome. Here are just a few reasons why...
1. She takes my kids to 7-eleven and Sy donuts when I need her to most! She is really good at seeing when I am not feeling well or having a "I don't want to be around my kids" moment.
2. She is so thoughtful and always thinking of things to do for other people. She is really good at giving gifts, acts of service, phone calls, compliments, etc, etc...
3. She is so stylish. Seriously I dont know how she does it but she can pull off so many cute outfits. I really admire that about her. She flew out to Boise before my New York trip and my cruise and became my personal stylist. She helped me shop and put together most of my outfits. Hee hee!
4. She is so crafty. She always makes the cutest gift for people and they turn out so cute. I am a littly jealous of this talent because I am so not the "homemade" crafty type.
5. She has such a strong personality and is so fun to be around. She is an amazing improv dancer and makes any boring situation fun! She is so witty and clever with the things she comes up with.
6. I love that she cuts and colors hair and is so good at it. She doesnt ever seem to complain (which I am sure she wants to) about doing my hair and cutting the rest of my families. She always keeps me up to date and not looking like a "mom".
7. She loves my kids. Genuinely! And they love her. She is always getting on the floor with them to play, asking them about what they did that day, wanting hugs and kisses from them, and establishing fun relationships with each of them. The longer we have been here the more they are loving her! How could they not?
8. She loves Felicity. I mean loves it as much as I do and will talk and talk about it with me and not get sick of it. This really means so much to me because at times I felt like I was ridiculously addicted and then she told me that she was stalking Scott Speedman and Keri Russell on the computer until 3 am.
9. I love how much she supports and loves her missionary. Especially now living with her I appreciate it even more. I know this wouldnt be an easy thing to do but she has done it so well. She isn't lame about it either. She is just so settled with her feeling for James and I think its really cool!
10. I love that we are neighbors! She has been such a great friend to talk to and relate with! Sometimes we can be alittle negative together and feed off of it but its good to have someone who understands your frustrations and doesnt judge you for it!

Hope you have a very happy Birthday Heather!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Much Needed Happy Birthday!

To My Great Friend Lindsie McDaniel:

Some of you may remember her from this post here when we moved from Boise and I was so sad to leave my friends. Or you may remember her from here when she planned my amazing 80's Prom night farewell. Lindsie became one of my closest friends the last few months of living in Boise. We always did fun things together our whole time there but it wasnt until the last few months that I really gained a love and appreciation for this incredible girl. She is hilarious and is always making me laugh. In fact, while looking for pictures for this I found myself laughing so hard matt had to ask if I was alright. The more I looked for pictures the worse it got. I wished I could put them all up on here and then you would understand what I mean. We stayed up late way too many nights laughing our guts out. Sometimes we would take it a little too far or a litle too uncalled for but always seemed to laugh regardless. Lindsie was with me to the bitter end of our move and I will always love her for it. Wait-she actually stayed even after we left and cleaned for me with a few other friends. She is that kind of friend. The kind you know you can always call, always count on, always complain to and she'll just listen or say that sucks and not always have to come up with the solution. She has a great way at looking at life and I really admire her for it. She is great at throwing parties and getting everyone together! She is so unselfish and always thinking of others. We made some great lasting memories and she makes me realize that moving back to Boise can't come soon enough!

I hope you have a happy birthday Lindsie! I love you and miss you terribly!

I really wished you would have let me take a picture of you at our Hawaii Bunco night. Thinking about your outfit is what threw me into a laughing fit at remembering how awesome you are at dressing up and getting into each activity. Thank you for being my partner in crime and being the foundation of the Triangle. Please dont find a replacement or I will be really sad! Instead of Commenting on each picture above I am just going to let them speak for themselves!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Christy!

I don't usually do this for birthdays because I don't want to feel the pressure if I accidentally forget. But I wanted to do this for my sister Christy not only because I think she is terrific but also because she did an amazing post for me on my birthday that made me feel so special. I will admit I often refer back to it when I am having a depressing day and need an uplifting pick me up! It's seriously that nice! I am not as elequent with words or have the best memory as she does so just because their isn't a ton written doesn't mean I don't love her as much as she loves me!


Thanks for being such a great big sister. It has been fun getting closer the older we get and the more kids we have! It has been fun coming to visit you all those times when you lived in sherman oaks and now sierra vista! I will always remember our Cincinatti trip and the first time getting up to do Karaoke. Remember how nervous I was. Now I love it! I'll admit, I have always been a little jealous of your typing skills and your ridiculous ability to blog. It seems your blog is always at the top of my "most recently blogged" list. You are a great mom to all 3 of your kids and always want to give them the best. I know life hasn't always been easy for you but I think you are the best example of sticking it through until the happy ending finally arrives. I love you and think you are great! I hope you had a great birthday!



p.s. We need to take more pictures when we are together. I went through all of my pictures since 04 and didnt have one of you! Yikes!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We found out what were having!

To find out what we're having check out the video of how we told the kids. It was pretty fun and they are both so excited!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Morning


It was so fun to play Easter Bunny this year since my kids are older and get it a little more. They have been pretty excited for weeks now. Eliza thought the Easter Bunny needed snacks just like we put out for Santa! We tried not to do too much candy since they were going to be going to 3 easter eggs hunts. I love how easy to please kids are! Dollar store and dollar bin really come in handy! I also did baskets for my parents, my in laws, Matt, Heather and Harrison. It was nice to make the holiday fun for everyone. Matt was so sweet and made a basket for me with Dr. Pepper (my drink of choice right now), The movie twilight, and chocolate! Couldn't have done better! After we had yummy pumpkin waffles (I know, not really a spring thing but so yummy we decided we like them all year!), then hurried and got ready for church.
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Dying Easter Eggs!


We were so excited that Grandma and Grandpa Buhrley could come into town the night before Easter. My kids were SOOOOOO happy to see them! Literally jumping up and down screaming when they finally arrived. It was fun to have them here to join in on the festivities! They are the best and we love any chance we get to see them!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Month Along!

Thats right folks....14 weeks! And still feeling sick! Yuck! I thought I was getting better but then was quickly humbled by throwing up again. Not fun. But I did go to the doctor the other day and they gave me a little Ultrasound (don't worry, I still dont know what the sex is yet) and it made it so fun to see the baby move and grow! I measured right at 14 weeks which is crazy for me. My other two babies were always a week or 2 behind in development date. Maybe its because I am eating way too much this time because its the only thing that makes me feel better!!

These pictures were taken at a baby shower for my friend Lindsey. She grew up just down the street and we have known her since she was a little girl. My sister Heather and her have been best friends since we moved here 18 years ago! Heather did a great job of decorating and planning. It turned out really cute!