Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wanna know what I've been doing?

So some of you have heard that I started my own little business. I know, I am crazy and can't just sit still but I wanted to make a little extra money doing something that didn't take me away from my first job of being a mother. So....with help and encouragement from my mom, I have been doing Chair covers. Some of you have asked for pictures so you could understand what I am talking about. So here are just a few of the parties I have done! Its nice because Matt helps me too! We Iron the Sashes on friday nights in front of the TV and then he helps me put them on and take them off! The hardest part is the washing and drying because you can only wash 10 at a time and dry 5 at a time or else they wrinkle too bad! So after a party of 200 it gets tiring.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Volunteer at 5K Get Fit

This was a run that a bunch of us were planning to do. The funny thing is, out of about 5 girls only 1 of us actually did it! I got pregnant so that was my excuse, and still was going to try and do it. I had been running up until I was 13 weeks pregnant and then started to have some complications and my Dr. put me on "pelvic rest". So I was excited when they asked for volunteers from our ward. Everyone kept asking me why I wanted to do it. I thought that it was a silly question until I had to wake up at 6:15 on a Saturday morning. But after I was there it was such a great feeling of service and giving back to our community. The church handed out yellow vests and it was a cool thing to see all the members helping out. They kept making announcements thanking the 100+ volunteers from the Mormon church. For most of you that live in utah or idaho, that is a big thing!

(Me and my friend Mallory from the ward!
She is pregnant too and has a daughter who eliza just adores!)

Our great bishop and his wife!

The one friend that ended up running it with her Dad and sister. She is married to my good friend Ryan and also the Neice of my sister in law Ruth. Confused?

Granthams come to visit!

Our friends from Boise came to visit California for a family vacation to Disneyland. Yes it was a month ago and I am just getting around to blogging about it. We were excited that they were able to squeeze some time in for us. The first day they arrived we met up and went to In-n-out and then attempted the beach. Unfortunately it was a horrible beach day. I mean horrible! The wind was blowing so hard the kids were bundled up with towels over their heads saying "I hate the beach!" Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I didnt get any great shots!

(Lindsay and I are both pregnant with girls due a month apart!)

Then the next night after their first day at Disneyland we met up for dinner so matt could say hi! We ate at Tony Romas across the street from the park. It was a quick visit but great to see them! We were sad that our Season passes were blocked out for that week since it was spring break. We had been planning on spending some time with them in the park.

Because Dallan is at a hard age for Disney we offered to spend the day with him at our house. My kids were in Heaven! We had so much fun playing, running in the sprinklers, having a picnic and much more!

We cant wait for our visit in June so we can see them again and all our other Boise friends!