Sunday, September 27, 2009

Horse Back Riding Class

We signed the kids up for a 4 week session of horse back riding lessons. We thought since Eliza is so in love with all animals that this would be a fun thing for her, and also Porter was old enough to do it too. He loved being called a Cowboy and she loved petting and feeding them!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What the.....?

So I am kind of freaking out that I have a little over a week left. Meaning....this baby could come anyday! On sunday my sister in law ruth came over and took some pictures of me in the last stages of my pregnancy. I wish we could have done it a couple of weeks ago when I wasn't so bloated, but I am glad that she was able to catch the images before I went into labor! She is pretty awesome!

I was hoping that I would have already had the baby by now because Matt had this whole week off. But of course, no it didn't happen! I thought I was in labor a few times with consistent contractions for several hours. But...still no baby! Now that the week is almost over I am just gonna chill out and not worry about it anymore. Let her come when she is ready! We will keep you updated when that time comes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eliza's Storytime

Eliza was so excited that she was able to read a story for animation to be on the next season of Yo Gabba. My brother Scott asked her if she wanted to do it and you would not believe how happy and thrilled she was. We practiced alot and she did a really good job! We know many of you are wondering whatever happened to her episode that she was suppose to be on last season. We aren't real sure why Nickelodeon saved 10 episodes to wait to air, but we have heard hers is suppose to be on sometime this next month! We will keep you updated on when it will be!

Apparantly it was alot of work!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beach Camping Schultz Reunion

This is a yearly reunion we have with just my immediate family. It is crazy how much we have grown! We decided to go to Carpenteria which is about 2 hours north. It was alot of fun and alot of work for being 36 weeks pregnant at the time! Call me crazy!! I am so glad we made it possible though because there were so many fun memories and my kids love camping and spending time with their cousins. I didn't take my camera to the beach but we spent a good amount of time just playing in the sand and water.

I really wish I would have gotten a picture of Sam's lip after he woke up with a spider bite the first morning. He was definitely reminded why you sleep in a tent not on a mattress in the back of your truck!

One of the days we decided to drive to the Zoo. Some of the family chose to stay behind and sit on the beach, but we had a great time changing it up and getting away! It is a fun zoo and the kids had a blast!

Uncle Myles found a butterfly coming out of its cacoon that was attached to a bush. He broke it off and let the kids watch it emerge. It was actually really cool and Eliza was of course in heaven!

We were all so intrigued by this Elephant and watched him for probably a half hour. It was so neat to see him break a peice of bamboo with his trunk and then eat it. Afterwards he went into the pond and gave himself a bath.

What is a Schultz reunion without a talent show? This really is the highlight of the whole thing. My family is crazy and comes up with some crazy ideas....

Katie and Ben doing Synchronized swimming with matching floral caps!

Porter on his own signed up to show his Whistling as a talent. It was pretty cute!

Then he decided that wasn't enough and started breaking it down. We were pretty amazed at his moves!
Max showing off his skateboard skills.
Rocky the comedian with his offsides jokes...
I loved that Eliza wanted to be big like Xoe and Xanthe and do a dance with them instead of Ballet with Ruby and Piper.

Mom and Dad sang a song dressed like my grandparents.
And best of all...Myles did an interpretation of a story Nanette was telling in Bubble Talk. At the end she told us she is expecting! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM! IT WAS A GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT!