Sunday, November 22, 2009

Surprise Party

For my 3oth birthday last week, Matt and my sisters threw me a fun 70's themed surprise party. The best part about it, I had no idea so it made it really fun! The theme came from me being born in 1979 the last year of the 70's. So everyone dressed up and they played 70's music and all around the room were cool and random facts about things that happened during 1979. I was excited to see all my friends dressed up and I felt so loved! My sisters Heather and Nanette did so much to help matt pull it off! It was a fun night, thanks everyone!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yo Gabba

We've got some pretty cool hookups! One of the highlights of living in California is being able to be a part of all of the Yo Gabba Gabba happenings. We have loved every bit! My brother is so awesome to always remember us. Both my kids have been able to be on the show (Eliza's has aired as the Dress up episode) and Porters is still in the editing process. He really can't wait for Uncle Scott to finish it!

This past month we were able to be apart of 2 really cool Yo Gabba events!

1. Yo Gabba Wrap Party:

It was amazing! Live Bands, icecream machine, popcorn machine, bounce house, petting zoo, 3 or 4 food stations and a room to meet the characters. Porter was in heaven! Especially because muno kept playing with him in between photos while we were waiting in line. I think he loved it more then disneyland! It was the night before Halloween so it was a costume dress up party. All the Cast and Crew really got into it and came up with some cool ideas. Matt and I decided we need to do better at dressing up for the holiday and start planning our costume earlier next year.

2. Yo Gabba Live!:

Wow! I don't even know where to start to describe this one. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to get tickets because the show sold out in 1 day. Plus, I have a pretty big family. So when my brother Scott told us he was able to get us in, we were thrilled. It was at the Shrine auditorium in LA and when we first pulled up it was nuts. Huge long lines wrapping clear around the building with kids and parents dressed in their Yo Gabba garb! It was incredible to see! Then, my brother had a place for us all to park and get our tickets.

We sat in the front section and the kids were even able to go to the very front and dance. They had no idea they were dancing next to Christina Aguilera and Jason Batemens kids, they were just having a good time! There were alot of celebrities their too that loved the show. It was so great to feel the excitement of 2500 people chanting Yo Gabba Gabba over and over and to see how crazy my kids were about it all! They are definitely big fans!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The past 3 weeks of Lily

Lily is 6 weeks old now! We love that she is getting bigger and more animated. We love her new little chubby rolls on her legs and wrists. She still is just so sweet and good natured. She hardly ever cries so it breaks my heart when she does. She has brought such a peaceful spirit to our family and has taught me to slow down and enjoy life alittle more. We all love her so much! Eliza asked me if she could marry her because she just loves her so much. Porter told me that he was so happy to have a baby sis because she is his best friend. And I think it might be true. He really loves her to death! He is always kissing her, touching her, hugging her, sitting on her....I do at times fear for her life. I am glad though that he thinks she is great and doing better with the adjustment.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Today is Matts Birthday! Yes, just 2 days after mine. We have been trying to make it special since he did such a great job for me! (details for another post) We drove out to his school (which isn't close) and had lunch. It was fun to see him in "action" and where he is everyday. We met alot of people who were excited to see Lily for the first time. Matt looked so proud!
I love him so much and I think it only gets better every year. He is an amazing person and deserves a little love and attention on this least once a year!
He does so much for me and really puts up with alot being married to me! I really appreciate how patient he is and how loving and kind he always is to me and the kids.
Happy Birthday Matt! I hope it is a great one!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last day of my 20's...sigh!

30....Really? I can't believe I will be 30 tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like I just graduated high school and then other times I feel like I am 30. (i.e. when harrison or heather tell me I am not so cool anymore)

This is the only picture of me since I had Lily I could post, but I thought it was pretty cute of my family and kids. How could I be sad about turning 30 tomorrow when look at what I have accomplished in the picture above. It makes me so happy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My little pumpkin

I can't believe Lily is already a month old. She is still so tiny and cuddly and I am trying to just soak it all in as I know it will be gone so fast. Crazy that she has already grown out of some of her clothes, moved into size 1 diapers, is getting some chubby rolls on her legs, and is trying to focus and even try to smile. We are loving her so much! My kids have been great with her and LOVE to give her kisses and hugs. More like smothers!! She is sleeping really well so far. She only is waking up once! I feed her at 8 or 9 and then she sleeps until 2 or 3 then sleeps again till 7! I love it. Sometimes I find myself just snuggling her after her feeding because everything is so peaceful and quiet.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nanette's Masquerade

My sister Nanette invited me to her girls night out. Except it was actually a Girls Night In. Nanette is an amazing decorator and an amazing gourmet cook. When it was her turn to plan what to do for the month, she decided to invite all the girls to her house for dinner and fun! Last year was the first year she did it and invited me to come along. This year I was so excited to be able to go again. Lily was only 3 weeks, but it was a nice break to get away with just her for a night. I wish pictures did justice for how incredible her house and tables were decorated. She loves Halloween and really knows how to celebrate the holiday!
Nan and I in our fun masks!

She had 3 different themed tables that were decorated so cute!

Her front yard is decorated so fun too! I wish I would have taken more pictures. Maybe next year!