Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eliza's Award Ceremony

We were so proud of Eliza that she was given an award at her school for COOPERATION! Matt and I were both able to be there and our hearts grew with pride. They said some neat things about the kids receiving this award. They talked about how these kids follow the school rules, listen to their teachers, aides and principle and make good choices that reflect in their behavior. Way to go Eliza!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eastern Idaho

A few weeks back we drove over to Eastern Idaho. The kids had a few days off of school so we decided to drive over and visit Matt's parents and also my sister Heather and her husband James. We had such a great time! We were lucky the weather was beautiful and we took full advantage of it. The kids had so much fun playing in the leaves, swinging on the rope swing and helping grandpa clean up his garden!
We were excited that our friend Lindsey from California surprised Heather with a visit the same weekend. We loved spending time with her too!

I was so excited to spend some time with Heather. Eliza and I spent one night at her cute apartment and had some girl time. It was alot of fun. She made us breakfast the next morning and then we went shopping.
Of course we had to make a stop at Sammy's. My brother Sam opened up another restaurant in Rexburg and Heather and James manage it. Its literally down the street from their apartment. Let me just say, THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! I am not just saying this because it is my brothers place. It was so good where I find myself thinking about it and craving it! 
While in Rexburg we also visited my Father in Law at the college. He teaches at BYUIdaho. The best part about this, he took Porter and Eliza with him earlier that morning and taught his classes with them there. Why you ask? Just because! Just because he is great and wants to be with them. He is a great great man!

Yep, she is officially at the age. The age of destruction! I guess I really need to baby proof. The best part about this picture is we didn't learn our lesson. Cause after we cleaned it up, she went right back for the plant and emptied out the dirt!

Once again we had a wonderful weekend. We cant wait to drive over for christmas and spend more time there. We are sad we will just miss Heather and James since they are going to California, but luckily we only live 4 hours away and can easily make the trip again!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Yo Gabba Live.....again!

A few months back our friends The McDaniels called us while were still living in California. They asked us if we wanted to road trip it with them after we moved back to Idaho and go down to Utah to catch the Yo Gabba Live show. It was hard to commit since I didnt know what my life would consist of day by day, let alone 4 months later. But I am so glad we decided to do it! We had a such a great time. My Brother Scott decided to fly up and do a live TV show interview. We were excited that Ruth and Davy got to come with them! It was great to see them and especially Davy since her surgery. She looked amazing! We loved that we got to go to the filming with our kids and be a part of it all. The characters even came out and all our kids were in heaven. Except maybe lily, she wasnt a big fan....yet!

The show once again was amazing! If you have kids that like Yo Gabba (or even if you don't) you have to go to this show. It is pretty great. We all loved it.

Then afterwards my brother got us backstage to a character Meet and Greet. This was a definite huge highlight. They had food, coloring, music, and all the characters. Even DJ lance made an appearance and read a book to the kids, then took his picture with them.

It was also my birthday! It turned out to be a great day. I was so happy to spend it with so many of my brothers and sisters and our great friends the McDaniels!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eliza's 7th Birthday

I was very thrilled that before we moved here Eliza decided she wanted her birthday to be at Bookdocks family fun center. She had remembered it from when we used to live here. I was very excited because it really made it easy on me, which is what I needed after the move. So we invited some of her friends she new from before and also some new ones she met from school. We had a great time! Everyone met at our house and then we had a girls van and a boys van! When we got there, we played Laser tag, miniature golf, video arcade games and then ended with pizza, cupcakes and presents! Eliza was in heaven and everything went really smooth.

This is our neighbor Beckam. Eliza and him are just 2 days apart and in the same grade. It is fun for them to have a buddy so close. It took them awhile to reconnect after being gone for 2 years,but I think they are becoming even better friends!

Eliza's first new little friend from school. This is the little girl she was holding hands with while running around the track at the JogAthon.

We had her party on Saturday since her actual birthday was on Sunday. So the next morning we decorated her room with balloons and banners and her presents were waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She seemed happy, just wished I would have gotten a few more pictures.