Wednesday, January 20, 2010

running in the rain

This morning I woke up to go running with my friend Brynn. We used to run together over a year ago before she got pregnant and then I got pregnant. We were so excited to start up again and started last week. We missed monday because of the holiday and then got motivated to go today. We knew it would be cold because it had been raining the whole week but decided to do it anyway. We got about a 1/4 of a mile away and it dumped rain on us. At first we thought it was kind of fun but then it just kept raining harder and harder and we realized it was very cold and getting much worse! So we literally sprinted home to get our exercise and get out of the rain!

Cooper's Blessing

It worked out so perfect that the weekend we were in Arizona was the same weekend Nate and Brittany were blessing their little baby cooper. It was such a neat experience to be there with Brittany and her family. They had a really yummy dinner afterwards that I couldn't break away from because I just kept wanting to eat! I love this girl and her adorable 3 boys! I am going to be so sad to not be 4 hours from her once we move. We will have to make an extra special effort to get together.

Eliza in Curls!

Eliza was so excited to have sponge rollers in her hair for the first time. Her curls turned out so cute and she loved to bounce them. While we were in Arizona my sister in law Wendy watched my kids while Matt and I went to a wedding. Wendy usually rolls her daughters hair every night before church and Eliza wanted in on some of the action. I was so happy she did because for some reason I never thought to put her hair in them. It totally brought back childhood memories for me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Isn't she cute?

Just loved this sweet picture of Lily and thought I would share it until I can get the rest of my posts updated. We are loving her so much. She is laughing and smiling at everything we do! She has started to hold and play with toys already. I think I am going to go upstairs and snuggle with her because looking at this picture makes me realize how fast she has and will continue to grow and soon enough I won't be able to snuggle her close.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had such a fun christmas. It was a little crazy...or maybe a lot crazy, but still fun! All of my brothers and sisters were in town so it made it for a full house!

My kids were so cute and so excited to open their presents. We actually realized that we got them too much because they were happy just playing with the ones santa set out we felt like we were forcing them to open any others. All the cousins tore open theirs first so it seemed like Porter and Eliza and so much more. We eventually just gathered some of the wrapped presents under the tree and put them away because they weren't even interested in opening them. This was a fun year for Porter. He is into so many things and is a very passionate little boy. His favorite present though was his superman costume. The past few weeks he has been obsessed with superman. I will post more about this another time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Lights

We have made it a family tradition to go and see the christmas lights every year. There is an amazing subdivision close by that really goes all out. I mean, every house is a griswald house! We took hot chocolate and bundled up and had a great time!

Christmas Jammies

Lily 3 months

Lily turned 3 months on New Years Day! We went to Arizona to visit Matt's Brother and his family. We always have a fun time whenever we go there. Wendy is a great host and has a beautiful home that totally inspired me for when we move back to Boise. Lily is still just as sweet as can be. She is awake more during the day and is interacting more when we talk to her. She smiles alot and loves to "talk" whenever she catches someones attention. Its pretty cute and melts our hearts every time she does. Both Eliza and Porter still just adore her and want to kiss her all the time!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lily's Blessing

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we blessed our little Lily. It was such a sweet day! It was so nice to have both my family and Matt's family in attendance. I was so overcome with emotion to see our brothers and Dads in the circle. Matt gave such a sweet blessing that made me cry more than I remember with any of my other two.

After the blessing we came back to my parents house for a luncheon. The food was easy to do and tasted good. Everything just seemed to go so well the whole day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Visit with Brittany and Cooper

Back in July I booked a flight out to visit Brittany after she had her baby. I knew if I booked it that far in advance I wouldn't have any excuses to not make it work. Between my sister Heather, Nanette and Matt the older kids were able to stay home and I was able to enjoy a week with my best friend and her cute new babe!

(Not the best picture of us but on our way to the airport for me to leave we realized we never took a single picture of the two of us the entire week. So we quickly snapped one for documentation purposes!)

We had a such an awesome time. Lily was 9 weeks old when I went and her baby was just 3 weeks old and so tiny. He is so adorable and was so fun to hold and snuggle with. Lily looked huge next to him and made me realize how fast she had grown in just the 6 week difference.

Her older 2 boys were in school most of the time so we had fun shopping, getting pedicures, going out to eat, movies, making oreo brownies (twice) and just relaxing on the couch. I always have such a fun time when I get to hang with Brittany. We are lucky we have such great husbands that put up with our crazy friendship!

Thanks Brit for an awesome time! You are an amazing mother and I can't believe all that you get done 3 weeks after having a baby!