Monday, March 29, 2010

Disney and Lemonade

Matt had a few days off for his spring break and we decided instead of spending the money to go somewhere out of town, we would just hang out around here and do some fun things. Since Matt doesn't get a ton of days off, we decided to utilize our Disney passes again with him! We sure had a good time and the kids were so happy to have him with us!

While at Disneyland Eliza really really wanted to get her face painted. She has asked me every time we have gone and I cannot bring myself to pay $14.00 for something that will just wash off at the end of the night. So I told her that she can earn her own money by doing chores and if she decides she can use her money for face painting the next time we go. So of course, the very next day, Eliza had a genuis idea of instead of having to do chores to earn her money, she was just going to have a lemonade stand! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 6 neighbor kids she recruited to help her flag down cars and even go door to door. It was pretty cute! I was so proud of her that at the end she even decided to give them 2 quarters each! She also had a cute little 3 year old helper that drank most of the product and did a good job of eating chocolate cookies the whole time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girls Day Out

This is what happens when you ask the vietnamese lady to take some pictures. And these were the good ones!~

Eliza didn't have school last friday but Porter still had preschool. So we decided to do a special day together. We love getting our nails done! Eliza always picks one color for her toes and one for her hands. The sweet ladies at the salon do either polka dots or flowers and Eliza just loves it! Then we went to the video store and got a few movies we hadn't seen yet and also a treat at the bakery. (my favorite part!) I love this little girl that is growing up so fast. She really is such a sweetheart! I hope she will always be my pal and want to hang out with me even as she gets older.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

James and Heather's Wedding

What a beautiful day this turned out to be. We have looked forward to this day for several years. Literally....2 years! James and Heather have an amazing story and I am so impressed by them and their love for each other. Heather waited for James to serve a 2 year mission in Chile. It wasn't easy for either of them but they did it! He came home in December and they were married on February 27th. They are perfect for each other and despite the unwanted rain, and a few other bumps, this day turned out beautiful!

Even with the short amount of time Heather really had every detail planned out. She had a really cute Vintage Circus theme all planned for outdoors!

Then the rain came and we had rethink everything to be inside. It was a bit stressful but really turned out well. She had a cute lollipop cake table, icecream float bar, cotton candy, a photo booth and really yummy italian food. She looked amazingly beautiful and so happy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Harrisons Mission Call

We are so excited for Harrison to go on his mission. We are so proud of him for making this decision to give 2 years of his life to the Lord. It was a fun experience to be here with him when he opened it. Porter and I went on a bike ride to track down the mail man. We didnt realize that while we were riding around the block the mail man had delivered it! We saw it peaking out of the mail box when we got home. So we called harrison out to get it! We quickly made some phone calls and threw together a quick pizza party for everyone to be there when he opened it.

The problem is...he said the wrong mission. He's not going to South Carolina, but actually is going to Charlotte, North Carolina spanish speaking. The reason they are jumping up and down screaming is because his cousin who just left for his mission got called to the same mission. He is the one he is jumping up and down with. They are pretty excited and it is so crazy that they are going to the same place. Harrison will leave May 19th. We will miss him when he goes but we are so happy for him to have this experience.