Thursday, April 29, 2010

Turn off the TV week

Eliza's school encouraged the National Turn off the TV Week. We did pretty good with it actually. The kids were pretty motivated by it but every now and then "WE" really needed it!

Rocky and Piper (my neice and nephew) came to visit over the weekend and were there for monday, the first day of the week. The kids had no problem entertaining themselves when they have cousins around!

We met Eliza and Ollie at school for lunch and the kids got to play on the play ground. Its cute seeing how the boys are starting to play more together and Eliza and Piper are doing the girlie things together!

Then that night we invited over a few families for Pizza and walked to Golden spoon and met up with the rest of the school and got frozen yogurt. It was a bit crazy but alot of fun! Perfec that it happened to land on family night!

Me, Ruth and Karyn. Our kids are all in the same kindergarten class and its perfect that we get along just as well as they do! You're welcome girls for picking the better picture of the 2 of you and not so great of me. But I wanted to at least document that I was there!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

San Diego or Bust

Matt had some required Endodontic conferences in San Diego a few weeks ago that went from wed. until sat. I was sad to be left at home with all 3 kids for that long and really felt like I was going to "bust". So we packed up and headed down to San Diego after Eliza finished school on Friday. The kids had so much fun swimming and just feeling like we were on vacation. The weather was beautiful and the hotel was amazing. Thanks to my cousin Nina that got us the hookups. We really do love her! It was nice to stay at the hotel his conference was at because he could come and see us in between classes.

We really just spent most of our time by the pool. I was so happy how well Porter remembered from swimming lessons last summer. I was super nervous about being alone at the pool with 3 kids. Oh yeah, and I left my bathing suit at home so I wasn't even in the water with them. I first made Porter wear his floaties and stay by the steps. But as you can see in the photo with his goggles on his head he was so sad and not having it. Finally I just decided to let him be brave and soon enough he was swimming all over the shallow end by himself! What a kid!

There is so much I love about these last 2 photos! Its fun watching Eliza and Porter interact with their love/hate relationship. One minute they are best of buds and cant get enough of eachother and the next they are teasing eachother and making eachother cry. I guess it will all be alright since thats the way me and my brother Sam were and now we are great friends! I love how much fun you can read from these 2 photos about these kids. Elizas washable tattoo on her arm that took longer then a week to come off that I wasnt thrilled that she put it on in the first place, their dorito cheesy faces, Elizas crossing her legs (so girlie!), soaking up the sun without a care in the world. As hard as this stage of my life is, I wish I could just capture them at this stage right now and not let them grow up. I have been told by so many countless mothers with older children how much they miss the stage of life that I am in right now. They tell me to enjoy every minute because it goes by faster then I can even imagine. I'm trying...I really am!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do they Look alike?

People are constantly asking me who Lily looks like out of my other 2 kids. Since the beginning I have felt like she has had her own look. What do you think? This is each of them at 6 months. I would have posted Eliza's actual 6 month photo but she was crying in every picture, so this is close enough! And yes, at 6 months I could put pig tails in her hair because it was so long!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eliza's Spring Sing

The last day before spring break the 3 kindergarten classes did what they called a spring sing. They made cute hats and bonnets, wore their sunday best and sang their little hearts out! It was pretty cute and Eliza was way into it! They also do a cute little parade through out the other classrooms!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I know I already posted about Heather and James wedding but I couldn't leave out her cute shower that all of the sisters, friends and James' aunt threw for her. We had a ton of help so we were able to pull of some pretty incredible things. (If I don't say so myself!) We even had a craft night a few nights before so we could put everything together. I am pretty amazed at some of the talent that lies within my family!

The theme was "Tie the Knot" so everything revolved around it. The invitations, theNapkins were in knots, the rolls were tied in knots, the lettuce wraps had a green onion wrapped around it to hold it together and then tied in a knot. It was very fun and the food was pretty amazing! My sister Nan is a really good cook/party thrower so she came up with the menu then delegated the execution.

We had a yummy dessert bar too!

Oreo brownies, carmelitas, chocolate raspberry bars and cake.

Nanette, Ruth, Katie

Christy and Cousin Jacque

It was suppose to be outdoors at my sister in laws house, but because of the ran we had to move it inside. It all worked out so well and was a ton of fun! We are so happy for Heather!

Check out my awesome cousin amelia lyons website who was the amazing photographer the day of the wedding! She capture alot of detail and some great photos of their wedding day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eliza's Kindergarten Open House

I don't feel old enough to be attending an Open House with my own kid. It is so crazy to me but so fun to watch her grow and learn. She really loves school and really loves her teacher. For those of you that don't know what it is, its where we go and see her classroom and see all the things she has been working on throughout the year. Its a pretty big deal and she was pretty excited to show us everything.