Thursday, September 16, 2010

A day at the Spa!

Last year for my 30th birthday matt gave me a certificate for a day at the spa. Luckily I wasn't able to use it until now because I was able to go with my mom and my sister nanette (who share the same birthday) and also my Aunt Lynnae who's birthday is at the end of the month. It was an amazing relaxing day which was much needed for all of us! Matt took the entire day off and held down the fort pretty well.

We stayed at Nanette's house the night before which was so awesome to not have to wake up to anyone needing anything! Nan made us a yummy breakfast and then we headed up to Ojai which is about 20 minutes away from Santa Barbara. It is absolutlely Beautiful. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of LA. Now I know why many celebrities choose to come here! There were so many different pools to choose from, indoor and outdoor, sauna, steam room, whirl pools, etc, etc, etc....We were wishing we would have gotten up earlier to utilize it all. We stayed the entire day and ended the night with a trip to Cafe rio for dinner! It made the day a perfect 10! Nan and I have already planned out our next trip, just not sure when we can make it happen quite yet. Maybe next time we can talk my other sisters into coming with us.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Schultz family STAYCATION 2010!!

You may remember that 2 years ago our family did a staycation. It was such a fun thing and we really saved alot of money by planning our yearly Schultz reunion that way. This year, we had plans to go camping in June and for several reasons it didn't work out. The year kept slipping by and we all finally just decided we needed to do or it wont ever get done. So about a week before it happened the staycation got thrown together. I guess we didnt need much more time then we had because it was a blast and turned out so fun! The first day we went swimming all together and had a pizza lunch and plenty of snacks!

Later that night we headed to Ruth and Scotts house to set up tents so we could camp in their backyard. We had a yummy spaghetti dinner and Scott set up a movie projector for all the kids! They laid on an air mattress and quietly watched it while the adults made smores' and laughed and visited.

On Saturday morning we met at my parents house for my Dad's famous Big breakfast, then headed to the beach all day.

And what would a Schultz family reunion be without a Talent show. Because it was last minute only the kids joined in on the fun. Eliza and her cousins did a little dance/cheer and then both kids played a few songs on the piano! It is fun that they are getting pretty good and learning more songs!

Thanks to Heather and Ryan for planning it this year! you did a great job and we all had so much fun!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

11 months and 1st Grade!

Today Lily turned 11 months the same day that Eliza started the 1st grade. Let's just say it was a very emotional day. Worse then kindergarten for me. I actually didn't even cry when i dropped her off last year. This year, I woke up at 3:00 a.m. in tears. I was emotional to begin with that she was going into first grade. For some reason it just feels more like big kid time. But more because we went to look at her class list and found she was not put in a class with anyone she knows. This may not seem like such a big deal, but we are only going to be here for 3 weeks and I wanted her to just have a fun time with her friends. It is just crazy that no one was put in with her. Truly not one friend she was excited about. I have learned alot about Eliza from this situation. She is such a sweetheart and I could see that it made her sad but she stayed so positive and really didn't let it get her down. I just hope she doesn't lose excitement for school because of it. I am also emotional just that this feels like the beginning of all the change. Its going to be a hard move but worth it in the long run. I am just ready to get there!

So now on to the fun stuff! Lily is starting to become that baby that isnt always so easy. She is everywhere! Climbing out of her highchair, the cart, out the back door to eat dog food, etc...But she is still just as sweet as can be and we love her more and more everyday. This month she learned how to give kisses. It is so cute! She puckers her lips and says "mmmmmah!" We really love this trick as we love to give her lots of kisses! She is eating more solid food but still loves baby food! Now whenever she sees us eating something she wants she just grunts until we give her some. Its pretty cute!

Eliza and I sat on the grass after school and talked about her day. She didnt have the same excitement like she did last year but hopefully she will try her best at loving it. Which if I know her right, she will. I feel blessed to have these two beautiful daughters. They both bring me so much joy!

(oh, and I didnt have an 11 month sign but I think the pictures are cute enough without it!)