Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Road trip To Utah

After Christmas we drove down to Utah and spent a few days there. My Sister Christy and her family were visiting from Germany. Eliza was ecstatic that she was finally going to get to see her cousins Xoe and Xanthe. We were so excited that my Sister Nanette and her family also decided to drive up that same week. We had to make the drive down even if it was just for a few days. It was definitely worth it

Salt Lake Temple Lights
 Before we met up with my family we decided to stop by the Salt Lake Temple and look at the lights. We haven't done this since Matt and I were very first married. It was such a spiritual night and I am so happy we decided to do this at the last minute.

My kids were loving all the lights and the little Nativity that told the story of the birth of our Savior. Then we walked through the visitors center. They had these huge pictures of different scripture stories. I was completely amazed by how well Porter knew each story. Some better then me! That kid sure has a great memory and I think a sensitivity to the spirit. He asks me some pretty deep questions sometimes I don't really know how to explain to a 4 year old so that he understands.

-I will post the next few posts of pictures from our weekend with my family. We sure had a great time and we all wished we could have stayed longer!!-

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lily 14 and 15 months

 Oh how this sweet little girl has touched our hearts! She really brings such a deep happiness to us all. She can soften my kids when they are grumpy and fighting and she can help remind them to do what is right so they can be a good example to her. We love that about her along with so many other things!

 She has grown so much these past two months. She started walking right before she turned 14 months and we love watching her toddle around the house with a big smile on her face. Lily is definitely into more things but is also better at entertaining herself and finding her own toys!

 She has been talking so much and saying so many new words. It seems each time she says a new one we all are so surprised and think its the cutest thing! She loves the attention and repeats the word with a big crinkled nose smile so we will all clap and cheer.  Some of her more recent words are grandpa, cracker, popcorn, milk, Eliza (sounds more like Yiya), Porter (porpor), and puppy.


My other 2 kids have all had bone straight hair. But this little girlie has got some curls!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A little of our Christmas

We had an amazing Christmas. We felt like we were able to enjoy the entire season. We tried to focus on the important things about this holiday and simplify things as much as we could. We spent Christmas over in Idaho Falls with Matt's parents. Needless to say, we had a incredible time! 

Christmas Eve

Making sugar cookies with Grandpa! A definite Buhrley Tradition!

Opening the traditional Christmas jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Schultz!

Checking to see how far away Santa is so the kids could rush off to bed. When I was laying by Porter that night he was tossing and turning and rolling around in his covers. I was starting to get frustrated and then he stopped and said "mom, how do I get snuggled in my bed? Santa told me he wouldn't come until I was snuggled up tight in my bed!"


Eliza's favorite gift this year was from her cousins Rocky and Piper. Her press on nails! I am not even kidding. This gift out won the video barbie or easy bake oven that she asked for. She was super excited and wanted to wear them all day long! 

Porters favorite gift this year was his batman cave. It provided hours of entertainment and we usually could find him sitting here whistling away!
Lily loved it all! She loved to unwrap the presents and steal the other kids candy! She  got a different baby doll from each set of grandparents. It was pretty cute that she knew to rock the baby and give it a bottle!

It was a magical holiday and we were sad when it came to an end. Porter asked me the other day when I was going to put the Christmas tree back up! My kids were at a fun age to make the holiday a memorable one!