Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Polar Express

This year we were excited to go with a few other families on the Polar Express. We had a great time and it was fun to help us get ready for christmas which at the time was only a few days away. We took an hour and a half train ride up the mountains to the North Pole and then walked around Santa's village, listened to Carolers, had cookies and milk, sat by the fire to warm up and visited with Santa on his sleigh! 

The Cromar Family! These are our neighbors and good friends. We are happy to back living next to them! We also went with the Smarts, the McDaniels, and the Smiths, but apparently we weren't cool enough to get in any pictures with them.

It was nice to enjoy it with Porter and Eliza. Matt had to work and we left Lily home with some friends so we could enjoy it just a little more!

We had such a great time! I only wished I would have gotten a few more pictures. Like a picture of the whole group that came, or a picture of Porter having his 5 minute session with Santa. It was pretty cute. He must have just been at the right place at the right time cause Santa saw him and sat right down next to him and asked him tons of questions like they were old pals. Porter was in complete heaven. At every other party we had been to where there was a santa he kept saying "thats not the real santa mom!". But this time he really was the real deal! English accent and all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Porter's Performances

One day before Christmas I was in the kitchen and heard Porter playing around on our keyboard in the front room. All of a sudden I realized he was trying to figure out a song I had taught him in primary a few weeks earlier. I didn't think he was even listening when I was teaching it. So I asked him to sing it and was amazed that he knew EVERY SINGLE WORD. That kid...seriously! Most of the time he just sits there during singingtime and won't sing. So the first video is of him singing the song. Its pretty cute and makes me so happy when I hear it!

Then I this video below is of him trying to figure it out on the piano. You can kind of hear how he is listening to whether or not the note is right that comes next! 

Harmony Preschool Christmas Performance

 I didn't get the greatest pictures but I wanted to make sure and post about Porter's Christmas Performance because it was so stinkin cute. It was one of those proud mom moments. He looked so cute all dressed up and sat right in front singing his little heart out! We were excited that my SIL Jolyn and my neice Gracie could be there too. It made Porter feel so special that they came. They had it in a conference room at a hotel and I was so amazed out how well done it was. The kids really learned so many songs and I just love the preschool because they teach the kids alot about music.
I kind of love when Porter does this with his tongue. This is his shy face. He does this whenever he gets nervous or shy. I kind of DON'T love this when I am trying to take his pictures! 

I included this picture because this is the reason I dont have any good photos. This huge tall guy sat in the very front row. No matter where I stood or sat, his head was in the way. I was more then dissapointed!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


One sunday night back in December we had dinner at Lou and Jolyn's and afterwards the kids did the Nativity. It was super cute especially because they had complete costumes! My SIL Pepper made them and gave them to Jolyn one year for christmas, complete with a Narrative book. It was perfect and the kids had so much fun with it. Lily was too big and too wiggly to fit in the basket to be baby Jesus. So we decided she would be a cute little lamb! She was the highlight of the night!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roller Skating

So while we were in Utah visiting we stumbled upon a skating rink and had such a blast. We went there thinking it was a fun center and were a little dissapointed at first. Then we decided to make the best of it and was so amazing! I felt like a kid again and my kids were such troopers. I was so stoked that they didnt give up. They would fall but keep getting up and trying. Porter had gotten a Razor scooter for Christmas so he was stoked he could use it at the rink. Plus, it was cool because they allowed you to push a stroller while you skated which meant lily had a great time too! 

Cute Cousins! Ainsley and Eliza are a year apart and just love eachother!

I cannot believe how much Xoe and Xanthe have grown. They are so cute and fashionable and love to play fun games with my kids. They are so patient and helpful and I was so happy we could spend time with them.

Christy, Nan, Me and Nans SIL Karene.

You better believe I was struttin my stuff!