Wednesday, April 20, 2011

18 months!

I think its about time for another Lily update! Especially since its such a major milestone! 18 months.....1 1/2 years old. HOLY COW!!! How did this happen?
A few fun things about Lily:
1. She is finally in Nursery! Matt is probably most excited about this since he was the one wrestling her for 2 hours during church while I lead the music in primary. She has done pretty well so far!

 2. She makes a really cute clicking noise with her tongue when she wants a drink. I am not sure why she started doing this. She used to just say "wa-wa" or make the sign for drink but now has decided this is the way to ask for a drink.
 3. I love how when she wakes up from her nap or in the morning Porter and Eliza love to open her door and climb in the crib with her. Its not always all 3, but Lily just loves it when they do. Sometimes they will bring in books or toys and it buys me a few more minutes!

4. Lily LOVES to be outside. If she is awake, she wants to be outside! Usually it is the front yard and she stands by my front windows wishing she could go out. Luckily we have  a nice big backyard that keeps her happy most of the time. She loves to dig in the sandbox or chase biscuit around the yard. 
5. She LOVES biscuit! She gets him out of his kennel in the morning and just smothers him with loves and kisses. The best part is biscuit loves her too! Its pretty sweet.
6. She has discovered baby dolls and loves to rock and sing them to sleep, feed them a bottle, and push them around in a stroller.
7. She loves books! The funny part is that she is picky about which ones she likes. She prefers certain ones at bedtime and pushes some away when we try to introduce new ones!

It's hard to see her grow up so fast but we love seeing the new things she is learning and doing. We just love her so much and think she is pretty cute!