Saturday, May 28, 2011

Team Davy Benefit

While living in california we lived only blocks away from my brother Scott and his wife Ruth. I grew closer to Ruth in so many ways during our 2 years there. She feels more like a sister then a sister in law. We were so excited when she first announced she was having a baby girl. Her first after 3 boys! After a positive AFP test that their would be complications with their little girl, life became very emotional.
It was a long journey to get Davy to where she is today. Ruth and Scott have fought very hard for her health. I am constantly impressed by their love and strength for their daughter. Davy is now a year old and amazes us all. But she still requires so much care.

 Many friends and family that have helped her since the beginning have decided to put their efforts together and throw a benefit for Davy and her sweet parents. I know many of you wont be able to attend but we are asking for any donations people can give. Even if it is just $1 dollar and you passed on the news to all your friends that love Yo Gabba! That would be awesome! I know they would be so grateful and it would personally mean so much to me also.
To Donate or for those of you that can attend the benefit, go to and also check out her blog at! It is pretty amazing and motivating! Davy has been a fighter and she has blessed my life in so many ways. I couldn't imagine our family without her.

 I am flying out for the benefit so if any of you decide to buy a ticket and come, I will see you there! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny wrote the kids a note telling them thanks for the treats they left and that he hid all their eggs and candy! He also left them each an Easter tree in their rooms to help them count down for Easter next year. They are suppose to put it out the month before and add an egg each day.

We had a really nice Easter. It was Stake conference for us which I was kind of dreading. 2 hours of church with the kids didn't sound like fun. But it actually turned out great! My kids behaved and I was even able to listen! We had dinner with our friends the McDaniels and then ended the night with a golden Easter Egg hunt. We hid 2 silver eggs and 2 gold eggs that each had money in it. The kids were thrilled since they are each trying to raise money for new bikes!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grantham Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We have some great friends that have thrown a neighborhood Easter egg hunt the saturday before Easter for the past 5 years. We were sad we had to miss out on 2 of them while we were living in california but really looked forward to it this year. My kids had such a fun time. We feel so lucky to live on a fun street with lots of kids and really good neighbors.
 My sister Christy and her girls made this dress and matching bow for Lily. It was the perfect easter outfit! 
 I think Lily picked up a total of 2 eggs. She was so cute when she would get one she wanted to make sure their was really something inside. She would shake it and if she didn't hear anything, she would open it, check and then close it and move on! It was fun to watch her be so excite about it!
 Porter was on a mission! He was climbing trees and trash cans determined to find those hard to reach places! 
The older kids went to the front yard first and filled their baskets with eggs while the younger kids went in the backyard. We didn't realize that the ratio for eggs per kid would not equal out to be somewhat fair by doing it this way. Some of the younger kids were pretty sad they only got a few once they saw the older kids had baskets filled with eggs. Eliza and many of the older kids were so sweet to share their eggs and candy to make them happy.  (plus this meant less candy that would be brought home for me to eat!)