Monday, June 20, 2011

San Antonio

During Endo School Matt worked on a Masters Research Project that was chosen to be presented at a conference in San Antonio. Since the school would pay for his way we decided it would be a great opportunity to take a weekend trip. What made it even more enticing...Lou and Jolyn decided to go, which we knew would take it to a whole new level! And let me tell did!
 I think it was a little more of a vacation for the girls then the boys! We didn't have to attend any classes, which they did, and.....wanted too? The girls could wake up when we wanted and do whatever we felt like. We shopped, ate, got massages (sort of), saw a few movies and and really just relaxed!

Our Hotel was right across the street from the Alamo. It also happened to be the weekend of their yearly street carnival which is apparantly a huge deal. 
One night, as part of the conference they bused us up to a texas ranch and had a yummy BBQ dinner. We were amazed at the scenery and fun atmosphere. They had mechanical bull riding, line dancing with a live band, roping, pool tables and so much more!
There were some incredible Longhorn Cows at the ranch. Jolyn and I thought it would be fun to take pictures by them. Oh man did I underestimate their horns! I looked over and about got one in the ribs. It was a little scary but totally added to the experience.
 Then everyone walked over to watch an awesome Rodeo! It was so amazing and we realized it is not a sport we want our boys to try.
 Jolyn and I ended the night with some dancing! We couldn't quite talk our husbands into it but I think they had just as much fun watching us make fools of ourselves!
 uh....what is that creepy guy doing behind me? Totally caught in action!
I learned alot about the Alamo I had never realized before. Or I guess didn't remember from Elementary school. It was a cool place to visit and we had a really great weekend. My in laws watched all of our kids.... 7 all together! They ran them around to 3 different schools, soccer games and various activities. We really are so lucky!