Friday, October 7, 2011

JUNE - Fathers and Sons campout

Oh How I love Fathers and Sons Campouts! I love seeing what "menu" Matt comes up with, and I love it when he doesnt bring any utensils so their plate is a cutting board, their bowl is a hot chocolate mug and they cut their steaks with a pocket knife. I love that Porter didn't change his outfit the whole time they were there, I love seeing how dirty they both are when they get home and I love hearing how much fun they had doing "boy stuff"!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

JUNE-Porters Birthday Party

We had such a good time for Porter's 5th Birthday. We planned a quick birthday party and invited 5 friends! This party turned out so cute, was so easy, cheap and best of all....Porter absolutely LOVED IT!
We called it a "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" party. When I thought of things to do I wanted the boys to have the reaction of..."Woa, this is so cool!". Let's just say I was not dissapointed with the excitement they all had!
We started off by glueing foam volcanoes together. They each had their own bottle of glue and I told them they could use as much as they want. NO RULES!!!

 Then they hunted in the backyard for the Dinosaurs I had buried in the sand box and hid in the back planter! This was awesome cause it gave me time to set up for each experiment.
 Then, of course we had to make Green slime! This was by far the coolest. The boys took their glue bottles and we mixed it with borax, warm water and green food coloring and squished it with our hands! THEY LOVED IT!!! Not sure if it was cause it was so cool or because it made farting noises when they squished it! They made sure to let me know this about a million times and rolled with laughter each time it happened. Gotta love boys!

 Then we headed out front to make Diet Coke geisers. Each boy had their own bottle of diet coke and package of mentos. When we added the mentos to their bottles, the diet coke geisered out the top! Every time was just as exciting as the first. They thought it was so amazing that they each got their own bottle!

We also had fun with "Pop-its"! They each got their own box and went to town!

Dry ice in their cups of sprite was cool but they were also a little freaked out by it and no one would drink it. They just stared at it and asked lots of questions!

I made a Volcano Cake with everything I already had. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and yellow and red frosting for the Lava. The best part was being able to let Porter frost it the way he thought would look cool! After the cake and icecream and opening presents I let them run around out back with squirt guns and super soakers! It was really hot, so they had a blast doing this! 

We sent each boy home with a goody bag that came together so well! It was super fun and super cheap. Plus their Volcanos they made and green slime! This was by far my favorite party I have ever thrown for my kids. Mostly because it was easy but even more because Porter had such a good time!