Saturday, November 19, 2011

JULY-Summer days!

Oh man! How am I ever going to get caught up. The task seems so daunting that everytime I sit down and try to begin I get overwhelmed and fall asleep! I am determined to at least try. I am not even sure how many people check this blog anymore, but it helps with the mothers guilt of not scrapbooking. Plus, we've done so many fun things this summer I can't wait to post about them! So here are a few random pictures from our summer days in July. They were mostly filled with lots visitors (which we loved!) that I will do seperate posts for, but I will start with these for now. 
 Eliza loves all God's creatures! Really...even flies! She loves to catch them and make habitats for them. 

 Lemonade Stands!

Kite flying with Dad!

Park Days

And many trips to the swimming pool. We have 2 pools in our subdivision that we love to put to good use! The kids have both become great swimmers which made a fun summer!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JUNE-Davy Benefit

My pictures don't even do justice for how amazing this night turned out. If you haven't already, please visit Ruth's blog post about the benefit. Her pictures give more of a feel about how the night went. I guess mine are more of the behind the scenes, or the set up. During the actual event I felt like I was running around like a crazy person. I didn't even get a chance to sit down and eat. (And from what I heard, the food was amazing!)

Jordan, Me and Heather decorating away! Heather and I (and Christy from afar) were in charge of the decorations. It all came together so well and was so fun to do!
My Aunts are so amazing! They all helped the day before w setting up, decorating, making flower arrangements, and s up the whole auction! They really added to the whole experience. Their excitement was contagious! 

 Nikki, cute and pregnant!

 Outside there were tables set up for a silent auction, a raffle and a boutique. This was really fun and got everyone mingling and having a good time! I was in awe at all the items that were donated. There were some great things I wish I would have won! There was also a Live Auction, a performance by The Neighbors, Calee Schoeder, and 
Brooke White. 
Its hard to describe all the incredible things that happened to make this night possible. This special little girl has touched so many lives and it was apparent this night that belonged to her. Countless hours went in to plan this event and it showed by the nights success! I am so happy that I was able to attend and be apart of the event. Thanks to all those that made donations. I know who you are and I am touched by your generosity for a little girl you dont even know.