Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lily's 2nd birthday!

Back in October Lily turned 2. We decided to celebrate with close friends and family with a dinner and cupcakes. Lily seemed pretty excited and knew that it was her day and the attention was for her. She got pretty spoiled with all the gifts from loved ones! 

 Ava and Kennedy, Lily's 2 best friends. Whether she wants them to be or not. I am best friends with both of their moms so we end up doing quite a bit together. It makes it nice that they get along so well!
At 2 Lily is still just as sweet as can be. She talks so much and in full sentences. Some of it we can understand and some of it we cant! Either way its pretty cute. We are always loving the funny things she comes up with. She is playing more with dolls and her kitchen. She also loves, Little people, blocks and books! She is quite the little singer and loves to sing primary songs. Her favorite, "I am a child of God".