Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween/Birthday Eliza!

Wow! What a fun and exciting week we have had! It seems like we haven't stopped going for one single minute. But it has been fun and we have enjoyed it all. I will Post about our day today and then slowly go back when I find the time! We had a fun birthday party on Wed. for Eliza but wanted to do something small to celebrate her actual birthday today.

Eliza woke up to Mickey Mouse Pancakes (somewhat of our family tradition) with a decorated table and chairs. She thought it was pretty special and seemed excited about it all. Then I made Pumpkin Spice Waffles with Butter Syrup for the rest of the household.

Then Eliza had preschool where we took treats for the 24 kids in her class. She was given a birthday crown which she wore the whole day!

Matt was able to leave his conference early and meet us for lunch. We took a picnic lunch and went to a new park we had never been to before. We set up the picnic with Eliza's new picnic set she got and then let her open her presents from us and grandparents. It was such a fun day kicking a soccer ball (which Eliza is totally into now?) and playing together.

We saw a little tiny dog with a lady at the picnic table next to ours. I kept telling matt to go over and ask her what kind of dog it was. Then a little bit later the dog came over and was playing with my kids. Oh by the way...we have been researching getting a dog for almost a month now. We have gone on line, gone to stores, breeders, etc...and didnt find anything. We wanted to give it to Eliza for her birthday since last year we got out of it and told her when she turns five. Well, to make a long story short. The girl that was with the dog got in the car with another guy and they rolled their window down to tell us they didnt know whose dog it was. That they had called the Pound and Animal shelter but had to leave and didnt know what else to do. I was laughing so hard. What are the chances?? So matt told Eliza we could take it home and give it a place to stay until we found the owners. We took it to a vet to be scanned for micro-chip but had nothing. They seemed to think it was abandoned. So now....we're not real sure what we will do. Eliza is completely in love! It is really sweet to see her play with it and love it. I think I might even be getting alittle attached. We will probably put up some posters tomorrow just so we feel we did the right thing. If it is claimed it seems we will have to make a purchase soon. It if is not....I guess we have a new member of the family!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile but just haven't found the profound words that express the passion I feel for this subject. For those living in California understand what I mean. It has been a heated discussion by many for a few months now. It is down to the wire with the Election just a few days away. I guess now I am feeling it is time to do my small part! Go here for more information on the subject. You can get more facts by going there. I urge any of you who are reading this to find out more. Even if you aren't living in California you can donate money to help out. Even $20.00 will help! Click here to donate. Or you can also email, text, or call your friends and family who live in california to go vote!

I strongly support the campaign on protecting marriage. I believe in the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman. I feel that this is a battle that we need to fight to protect our families. This is not an issue of discrimination because if this passes it doesn't take away anyones rights. I believe this is an issue on tolerance and little by little we are going to have to tolerate more and more. I want my children to be taught that marriage is between a man and a woman. When we first moved down here I had the attitude, "so what if people want to get married to someone of the same sex, it doesn't effect me". Until I found out more and realized how much it actually does effect me and my family.

I will be voting on Tuesday for YES ON PROP 8 and I hope you will too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Today marks the day of the 1 Year Anniversary of my blog! Go here to view the first post. I think it is funny that the 2 people who pressured me the most to start a blog now hardly ever update their blogs. Come on can do it! I also am reminded that when I feel pressure to find a new background or fancy things to do with my blog that it defeats the whole purpose of me being alright with even starting the blog! So for those of you that are hoping for more then what you get, read my first post.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bear World

While we were in Idaho Falls Grandma and Grandpa Buhrley took us to Bear World. We have always driven past it on the freeway but have never had the chance to go. My kids LOVED it. And I have to admit, I loved it too. I was pretty tripped out that we were just cruising right next to bears! It is kind of like a mini Yellowstone where you drive around and see all these cool animals.

Eliza was in heaven at the Petting Zoo. She could have stayed there for hours. This usually always seems to be her favorite any place we go. That girl just loves animals of all kinds. She even found a place in the fence where she could reach in and get food out of a trough from another animal. Apparently one quarter of food from the machine wasn't enough! Our camera battery died so we didnt get very many great pictures of how excited Eliza was. Her favorite was being able to feed the deers. Something new you don't always see at a petting zoo.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sailing to Catalina

My Brother in law Myles invited us to go sailing to Catalina Island a few weekends back. We had such a good time. It was the day after we got back from Idaho Falls so it felt a little crazy to get ready for it. We left our kids with my sister Heather who is amazing! It was nice to have a get away that wasnt too far from home and SOOOO fun!

Ben and Katie came too which made for some great laughs and intense card games!

We even still loved it after deciding to jump in the water, swim clear to shore, and then finding out the water was Highly contaminated and seeing signs everywhere saying WARNING: DO NOT SWIM!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Climbing Trees and Feeding Donkeys

There is no better place for my kids to go exploring then at Grandma and Grandpa Buhrley's House. They LOVE it there!! The summer time is so fun and they always have fun things to do. It is definitely a vacation for me because they are entertained the entire time!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Corn Like Grandpa's Corn

Grandpa Buhrley grows the worlds best corn. Seriously, there is nothing quite like it. We recently took a trip to Idaho Falls to visit and had the best time. My kids loved picking corn from the garden along with MANY other great vegetables!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Family Vacation

Matt had about a week off from school and we were able to do squeeze in a bunch of fun trips in the short amount of time he had. We decided to fly and see his parents in Idaho Falls but first stayed the night in Salt Lake at a Hotel so it could just be our little family. My kids thought we were on a cool family vacation. It was pretty cute! They loved just swimming, eating pizza and being together!