Monday, June 29, 2009

Bear World

One of the days we were in Idaho Falls, Grandma and Grandpa took us to Bear world. It isn't too far from their house and my kids love it! It is kind of like a mini Yellowstone where you stay in your car and drive around to see all the animals. It is pretty trippy to see big bears and other animals just cruising right next to you! It was a nice day so alot of the animals were out eating and playing. Then after we drove thru it we had a picnic lunch, went on some fun rides, went to the petting zoo and had some yummy icecream!

(Once again this little animal lover was in heaven.
She is never afraid and just loves to nurture and be with any type of animal! I
fear for what she is going to want to bring home someday!)

(Daddy was a good sport to ride all the rides with them. Porter was a little timid to ride the Roller Coaster at first, but then he loved it and went again!)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Idaho Falls....always a good time!

The first night we arrived was a beautiful night. My kids jumped right in and wanted to plant their own little gardens with Grandpa. I love how patient and loving my Father in Law is. He truly enjoys teaching them and letting them help! It's funny to watch how Eliza strategically placed each seed in a row and Porter just threw handfuls out onto the ground.

I love visiting this time of year. My in Laws have an amazing yard that makes you just want to sit outside and read a good book. Unfortunately the weather wasn't always so great. It has been raining like crazy and then 5 minutes later the sun will come out and the clouds will move away. We utilized the time in between rain storms and made the best of it.

Visiting my In laws is always so much fun. It truly is a vacation because incredible meals are made, kids are entertained and I can just veg! Almost a little too much! I caught up on some much needed sleep and relaxation, reading and movie watching. I'm telling ya, a vacation doesn't get much better then that. Except maybe if it was done all on the beach!

I love that my kids always find something to do while at Grandma and Grandpas. They hardly ever watch TV because there are such better options. My in laws really give them some great quality time!

One of the afternoons we drove up to Rexburg and watched a really cool Airshow. Some planes were antique and did some amazing tricks. The kids seemed like they were having a great time, but not as much fun as Dad and Grandpa!

After the Airshow we went down by the falls where they were having a Jazz festival. Unfortunately the weather turned bad and most of the venues were taken down. We had a fun time though walking down the streets and also watching the River!

(25 weeks and feeling it! I missed out on posting the past 10 weeks and realized how much my belly has grown since I last posted at 14 weeks.)

We also had a great time catching up with some of our friends. We had a BBQ one night with probably 20 people we hadn't seen in awhile and also caught dinner and a movie another night! Of course, we didn't remember to take any pictures. We are losers!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boise or Bust!

For the summer Matt was given about 2 weeks off of school. We decided we needed to take a trip up to Idaho. We first went to Boise for a couple of days and then drove over to Idaho Falls for a week! We had such a great time seeing friends and family! We have made the decision that we are moving back and being there last weekend helped solidify that decision.

We stayed with our Friends and neighbors the McDaniels. They were so awesome and patient with out crazy kids. They really put in the effort to make it such a fun weekend!

The first night we drove into town we went straight to Matt's brothers house. My kids were more then excited to see their cousins. The parents went out to Dinner that night and had a great time catching up! McKay was so nice to offer to babysit for us and wouldn't even take payment!
(I took this collage from my SIL's blog so thats why you can't blow it up bigger!)

It seemed my kids couldn't get enough of their cousins because everyday after that night they asked to go over there and play. Jolyn was so nice to let them come over to play even when we had other plans. I was so happy they got to spend so much time with them. We went over to their house for a yummy sunday dinner! Afterwards we visited Lou's new office. It is amazing! The plan so far is after graduation, head back and go into practice with Lou. I could see the excitement on Matt's face as we walked around the office. I think this might help him get through the next year!
(Yes this is the office, not their house. It is beautiful inside and out!)

We spent a good portion of the weekend with some other friends. We had a blast. We stayed up late almost every night laughing our heads off! I really couldn't believe how much I missed these people. We spent saturday with all of our families. We went to a fun parade and then ate at our friends new restaurant...for free! We are so happy for them and how well it is working out for them.

Then that night we got babysitters and went out for some yummy, whole in the wall mexican food! Once again, it was a hilarious time!

(Cromar decided it would be fun to tell them it was my birthday. It was pretty fun to get sang to but they didn't even bring me any free dessert!)

(Krista and Sunny with some crazy guy who decided to jump in the picture!)

On monday, our last day before we left for Idaho Falls, we decided to do a afternoon girls day out and then let the guys go out at night. It was so fun and I will post some amazing "BFF" pictures as soon as walmart photo center ships them back!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter!

I know that it is so cliche to say, but I really can't believe this little boy is 3. Time really does fly! He is such a fun guy and a great pal to have around. He has an infectious personality that you can't help smile at. Some of my favorite things about him are:
-When he says "oh Dangit" when things go wrong.
-His love for yo gabba and that he really thinks he is going to be the next DJ Lance Rock.
-His sweet personality and sensitivity to others. When I was sick at the beginning of my pregnancy he would always come in to check on me, climb up on the bed, give me hugs and kisses, and ask if I was still sicky.
-His excitement for life! He gets so excited at the small things. He makes you feel so special when you walk through the door and he screams with excitement.
-How much he loves his dad and wants to be just like him. He always tells me "me and dad are pals!"
-He is a total boy. Anything that boys should love, porter loves! All sports, watching and playing, trucks and cars, getting dirty, dogs, Buzz lightyear, being loud, playing the drums and guitar with whatever he can come up with.....

I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. I am so thankful everyday to be his mother and learned to never take it for granted!

We had a fun day today doing things Porter would love to do. One of which was bowling and he really was so excited!