Friday, August 27, 2010

Swimming Lessons

So every year (well since Eliza was 2) we have done swimming lessons with cousins at the Brea Plunge. A few weeks ago my sister Nan and her kiddos stayed with us for 2 weeks so our kids could all do lessons together. They did so great and we had a ton of fun playing while they were here. We tried to do something fun everyday which also kind of wore us out!

The kids did such a good job and really learned so much. Both went on to the next level! It has been a fun summer to have both Porter and Eliza as confidant swimmers. Lily and I also did a mommy and me session together. I will do a separate post for that because it was so fun and she was so cute that it deserves its own!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beach Time!

We have been going to the beach alot this summer. Probably 1 or 2 times a week! We've decided we need to take advantage of our california days before we leave. I havent blogged about going to the beach because I usually don't take my camera with the worry that it will get sand in it. This time I decided to bring it and I am so glad I did. Sam and Nikki were in town with their girls and Nan drove down with her kids so we could have a fun day at the beach together. Ruth and Katie (who are local) were able to come too with their kids!

Ruby (ben's), Taylen and Ainsley (sam's), Eliza, Piper (nan's), Ryah (sam's), Wendy (Ryan's).
Harper (scott's), Ruby, Porter, Ryah

We realized that we had all the grandkids there except for Christy's kids who are in Germany and Mossi's little boy. (missed you guys!) The kids all had so much fun playing together, building sand castles, jumping the waves and eating lots of snacks thanks to Uncle Sam and his huge cooler full of treats! At the beginning of the summer my kids didn't love the beach. I was so sad because of the fond memories I had as a kid growing up playing on the beach for hours with my cousins. But now they love it and will play for hours too! Oh how we will miss the beach and the warm weather of summer!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Whiting Reunion

Every 2 years my family goes to a Reunion in Arizona. It is held on our families homestead. This isn't a typical family reunion. This is 650 people, acres of land, endless activities, hiking, camping, just an over all good time! I was so happy we could make it this year. I went 2 years ago without Matt. It was so much more fun to share it with him since this was his first chance he could go! We had such a great time as the pictures show...

Porter loved hanging with his boy cousins, getting dirty, finding big sticks, going on the rope swing, hiking, and getting dirty. Yes, Eliza caught a horny toad! All the boys were so jealous!

They had so many fun things planned for the kids. They connected it with things my ancestors did on the homestead. Like washing clothes the old fashion way, making honey and butter, shaving, wrags in their hair for curls, learning how to weave wool, and many more. It was all planned out so well and the kids had so much fun running around doing it all...several times! One of the activities was to dress up in the old fashioned clothes and get your picture taken. We had fun being silly and dressing up. Porter and Eliza sure got a kick out of Lily and her cute outfit.

Then we hiked to a little lake where we went fishing for Crawdads. When I say fishing, I mean tie a rope to a stick and tie some hamburger meat to the end of the rope! Eliza was the first to catch one and loved that she could do it. Just wanted nothing to do with it after she caught it. She really couldn't wait until we let it go back in the water.

Yes there is a Tarantula in that Jar. Yikes!

One night my dad decided to make grilled cheese on his nifty little wood stump stove. It was pretty hilarious because he just kept making them. People were coming by asking for one. I think he ended up making like 60 that night. Once his stump burned he moved inside his Trailer and kept going! He cracks me up. Love this guy!

Our Whiting Homestead is in the mountains of Arizona so it isn't hot. It was actually kind of cold. My great great grandfather homesteaded the land years ago. I loved going to these reunions and I am so glad my kids got the chance too. It is a beautiful place with a definite spirit about it. Its so nice to get away from the world for a few days and just be with family, learning about your heritage.