Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentines Day!

This Valentines Day we decided to do things a little different. We had the table set fun for for breakfast so when the kids woke up they came out and saw that it was a special day. We had a gift for each person at their place. (Just small dollar store stuff) Then we explained that Valentines Day is a day where we show the people we love that we love them by doing nice things for them. They were pretty excited and got really into it. (plus it was nice that I wasn't feeling well so the gifts entertained them for most of the morning)

Matt and I went out that evening for Dinner and a movie. Thanks to my awesome sister Heather who offered to babysit almost all the grandkids that night! It pays to live with a sister that is so unselfish and also has a missionary shes waiting for! Matt and I decided not to do gifts this year and make our trip to Santa Barbara our main gift. (More to come on that later) Although he did do a really cute thing. He took the kids shopping and had them pick out a few movies, games and books and put together a "Mom's not feeling well activity box". It was a fun day for me to share with the kids and hubby that I love so much!

We went to costco and got this really cool flip video that day! We decided it was our "joint" gift for each other. I Love it already!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dessert with Emilie and Ainsley

So Emilie (my ex-sister in law but love her just the same) and daughter Ainsley were in town doing Disneyland for a few days. We were all so excited to see them, so a bunch of us met at Downtown Disney at the Rainforest cafe for dessert. Eliza and Ainsley are the cutest and get along so well. We wish she lived closer, we know they would be Best Friends!

(This was pre-new do for me! plus I was feeling "pregnant"!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Do

I needed a change! Thanks Heather for making the change! 5 inches shorter and a few shades lighter....loving it!

Friday, February 13, 2009

For Those Inquiring Minds........Part 2!

Note to self: Never criticize others for asking if you are pregnant... because you just might be soon. The day after I posted about that I decided to take a test. (after feeling many symptoms) Sure enough....It was positive! We are really excited! A little nervous, you know because of the whole student/living with my parents thing, but just felt like we didn't want to let our situation determine our family plan. This is taking ALOT of faith for both of us but we felt really good about it. I had my first doctor appointment on tuesday of last week. We heard the heart beat and saw that I am only 7 weeks along ... and SO SICK! Way more then with the first 2. So I am going to probably be breaking my New Years Resolution quite a bit by not being able to post once a week. Its just enough to get out of bed, get me and my kids dressed and showered and Eliza to school. Its pretty much the Bare minimum folks!

Due October 6, 2009!

(Yeah, that little teeny tiny speck is our baby!)

Thanks Mom and Dad for your patience with us and our growing family! First a dog, now another kid. Wow, you really are incredible! Thanks also Mom, Heather, Matt and Ruth for all your help while I have been down and out!